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Greatgrandpa; retired teacher

Greatgrandpa; retired teacher

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Feb 13th 2011 5:03PM I must have wheels or crutches to move aboutoutside the house. My doctor ordered an electric chair and Medicare paid the $5,000 price. You see them advertized every day on TV, and they are an marvellous convenience. Medicare's rules (federal law, however, limits them for IN HOME use ONLY. With batteries, the chair weighs almost 200 pounds. As the law says they are for use IN THE HOME, Medicare cannot pay for a ramp. Neither can Medicare pay ti modify a transport vehicle or special trailer such as one might need to go OUT for a doctor visit or to buy groceries. THAT is when I REALLY NEED IT. A person strong and healthy enough to get the chair in and out of the house doesn't need such a machine. But, if your doctor is at the "rear" of a medical complex, how can you use it to get to his office without a special van or trailer to go from home to the medical complex? YOU CANNOT. For most of us, it is a waste of taxpayer money. Prescribing physicians should consider those things before they prescribe.

The Perks of Brewing Versus Buying Coffee -- Savings Experiment

Feb 3rd 2011 7:28PM Almost 70 years ago, Grandma told me her secret flavor enhancer for almost any coffee bean -- add small sprinke, too little to CONSCIOUSLY taste, of salt to the pot or to the cup. Don't say I'm crazy until you've tried it. Adjust the amount of salt to suit you, of course. Try it on friends or family, but don't tell them the "secret ingredient" or you will get biased reports.

The Daily Fix: Troubleshoot Your Coffee Grinder

Jul 6th 2010 2:10AM Horsefeathers! Grinder blades are dulled by repeated impacts with hard coffee beans. How, oh how, can repeated impacts with (less) hard rice grains reverse the problem?

TV's Six Most Annoying Talk Show Hosts

Jul 3rd 2010 1:20PM As a generic characteristic, I am most irritated by hosts who, having an interesting guest, insist on being the star themselves. They refuse to allow the guest to talk. They ask questions of the guest, then interrupt his/her responses in order to outshine the guest.

12 Health Myths Your Doctor Believes

Jun 8th 2010 4:48AM Back to school for an epidemiology refresher, Dr. Kaufmann. Even this layman knows that Whooping Cough -- Pertussis -- is not the same disease as Diphtheria.

Deadliest Swim Vacations

May 19th 2010 10:09AM Bull sharks tolerate fresh water quite well and have been found hundreds of miles from the ocean in rivers, including north of St. Louis, MO. Bull sharks are one of three species most commonly blamed for human attacks (White and Tiger are the other two, but they are pelagic only). To see Wikipedia, Google: sharks AND rivers

Rejection Letters Hurt, But Some are Really Funny

May 1st 2010 2:42PM Few things can be more disruptive than to be told that one is "overqualified" for a position when the alternative is not to put food on the table. An unemployed friend with a Ph.D., publications,and fluent in three languages once told me he thought he would have had better job prospects had he told potential employers that he had spent 25 years in prison rather than 25 years doing scientific research and teaching college.

Best baked cheese crackers? We rank the house brands

Apr 27th 2010 1:44PM I remember Cheez-It from 60-70+ years ago when it had a truly rich cheddar flavor. A recent taste revealed a much fainter cheese flavor, quite unlike the "old-time" recipe. It makes me think we are getting a "new and improved" Cheez-It.

It reminds me that we are now into the third generation of folks who don't know what "real" Coca Cola tastes like. "The Pause that RefreshED"

Or, maybe like the rest of me, my taster is just getting old too.

'My Daddy Had a Hysterectomy' And Fun Other Things Kids Say

Apr 12th 2010 5:12AM I took a neighbor's 3-year-old to her mother's law school graduation. She got restless and began to cheer and clap at inappropriate times, so I had to take her out to the public lobby. She threw a tantrum and started screaming at the top of her voice that she wanted to clap. The problem was that she could not pronounce the letter "L" in "clap" and said "R" instead. We got many an intense look.

Who Is ... the Progressive Girl?

Apr 1st 2010 4:22AM Hey, Chuck: How about those who have a last name for a first name? My grandfather's first name was Smith.


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