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Feather Headdresses | Now and Then

Jun 26th 2011 1:43PM Unlike fur, the birds are not killed for their feathers. They are treated like royalty, eating a special diet, and left to roam in a large area. Most times the feathers fall out natually, other times they are plucked out. The ones that we see are almost always dyed to the color desired. Go Cher and Bob Mackie!

What Not to Say to a Military Wife

Apr 12th 2011 5:36PM Yepper, it is true. Kids go into the Army cause they cannot get a job, much less one that pays anything. Being "over there", wherever, you are still broke,; maybe even dead. My Bro is a Nam Vet, I have told Him the same thing. So go ahead and sign up. Heard they have good medical crews and he agrees after 40 years. Oh, and think of the ones you leave behind. They are true messes themselves. I say "it ain't our wars, for the first thing, secondly, you ain't going and doing all those lovely great deals the Feds promise you.

Kitty Purry, Matzoball, Foxxy Cleopatra and Other Unusual Celebrity Pet Names

Apr 9th 2011 4:21PM How very Dear of you to save the kits. Don't forget to neuter/spay! God bless you, and thank you from me and all animals.

Kitty Purry, Matzoball, Foxxy Cleopatra and Other Unusual Celebrity Pet Names

Apr 9th 2011 1:46PM Edgar Alan Poe is the name of our brown tabby. If he gets into trouble his name is "Badness", and he is put on the 3rd floor deck for 15 min. of "out" time.

Paris Hilton Wears Skimpy Sailor Costume While Halloween Shopping

Dec 19th 2010 9:37AM Love that dress. Hope she will share over half of what it costs to Bread For the City in D.C.

Cute Pet of the Day - November 25, 2010

Nov 26th 2010 6:40PM Thank you for adoping this Grande Dame of the mutely crew. May she forever be free of worries and pain for the rest of her entire life. What a Dear face she has. Love on first sight for this Lady!

Cute Pet of the Day - November 24, 2010

Nov 24th 2010 3:47PM Skylers photo is so touched up it looks as though it is an obituary photo. No depth of true life visable. Sorry 'bout that. Too much, too soon, too little, too late. I hope he and his people continue to have a lot of fun times together.

Billy Joel Undergoes Double Hip Surgery

Nov 24th 2010 2:05PM Wow, am double proud that he double did it in all in one swoop! The Only way to do it, says I. No point in delaying the obvious. For whatever reason which caused it, I am always in awe of the Doctors and Researchers who allow this type of work to be done without a lot of fluff are the True Heros! In addition, this will not affect Billies brain to write or voice to sing. Has he quit cigs?

Snap Judgement: A Holiday Card Photo Dilemma

Nov 13th 2010 10:40PM I do not like photo cards, either. Nor their cousin, the letter of the year. To me, it is vain, and totally uncalled for. But some cards from a charity, like HSUS, and do some Good with your Christmas money.

Cute Pet of the Day - November 5, 2010

Nov 6th 2010 2:12PM Chief has now grown into his wrinkles. Don't make him frown!


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