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How to make great iced coffee at home

Jul 26th 2007 6:01PM If you want to be able to sweeten the iced coffee at the table, you can always make some simple syrup (boil sugar with water, stick it in a jar, keeps forever) -- good for if you want to make a lot of coffee and different people want it sweetened different amounts. Also good for sorbet and any other cold-item-sweetening needs.

Phat Loot Phriday: Deathcharger's Reins

Oct 7th 2006 2:54AM Because I'm dorky like that and still a little awed from my guild's first Ragnaros attempt (we didn't down him, but I'm glad we tried, and man is he big), I'm gonna point out that Tier 3 is 9 pieces, so there's no such thing as "8/8" T3, just "8/9".

Phat Loot Phriday: Cruel Barb

Sep 30th 2006 3:04AM Not to be too much of a statistics geek, but you wouldn't have to be really unlucky to not see it in eight runs, with a 13% droprate. The chance of not seeing it in n runs is (1-0.13)^n, which for n=8 works out to about 33%, i.e. you only have a two out of three chance of getting it within eight runs (assuming the 13% droprate is correct). It takes quite a few runs for the chance of not finding it to get really low. For instance, the chance of not finding it in any of 20 runs is still 6.2%--not high, but not super-unlikely either.

Pet Care for Shamans (a.k.a "Mike Told You So")

Aug 31st 2006 9:40PM Yes, and my holy priest will get a little cherub that flies around putting Renews on people and dispelling...that would be so cute.

Burning Crusade Abilities Updates

Aug 31st 2006 7:54PM Also, the top rank of Unstable Affliction now costs 400 mana instead of 545; and the limitation "Only one Corruption spell per Warlock can be active on any one target" has been added to the Seed of Corruption description, implying that you can have either Corruption or SoC up on one target, but not both.

Burning Crusade Abilities Updates

Aug 31st 2006 7:51PM In addition to damaging anyone who dispells it, Unstable Affliction now also silences the dispeller for 5 seconds.

Breakfast Topic: Best Guild Name Ever

Aug 8th 2006 4:13PM I've always been fond of "Shot the Food" and "Needs Food Badly" from Shadow Council.

New Alliance race rumours start early [updated]

May 8th 2006 11:19PM I buy it, since Draenei rumors have been circulating forever. On the other hand, Blizz called the Broken "loyal servants of Illidan the Betrayer" on 4/17 ( But maybe these are rebel Broken or something?

Extended US Maintenance Tuesday

May 2nd 2006 3:35PM Me again! This post is a little old, but in case anyone hasn't seen 'em yet, here's the patch notes.

World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.10.2


Guild Recruitment channel functionality has been improved to be turned off for players already in guilds, and turned on for players not in guilds by default.
Fixed a bug which caused players to drop from combat after destroying a totem.
Fixed a soft-lock bug that occurred under certain conditions when players were near ships, zeppelins, elevators, and the Deeprun Tram.


Arcane Power: This aura will no longer stack with Power Infusion. If you use it, Arcane Power's aura will replace Power Infusion's aura.
Ignite should now proc correctly when landing a critical strike with a fire spell.


Holy Shock will now be guaranteed to crit when used offensively while Divine Favor is active.
Eye for an Eye will now properly produce its damage effect on the attacking caster.

Inner Fire: Rank 3 will no longer have charges consumed when Power Word: Shield is active.
Power Infusion: This aura will no longer stack with Arcane Power. If you attempt to cast it on someone with Arcane Power, the spell will fail.
Starshards: Ranks 1 and 2 inadvertently received too much bonus from spell damage, while Rank 7 received no bonus from spell damage. Each of those ranks are now fixed to receive the correct bonus.


Fixed a bug which prevented Vanish from working properly under certain conditions.
Seal Fate will now correctly provide a bonus combat point upon landing a critical strike.


Improved Shadow Bolt will now proc properly after landing a critical strike with Shadow Bolt.


Rage generated from Unbridled Wrath and Shield Specialization will now display properly in the combat log.


Fixed a client crash caused by weather effects when running OS 10.3.9.

World Environment

Players should no longer become dismounted while riding through certain areas of the Undercity.
Fixed a number of clipping issues and awkward turns discovered throughout various chained flight paths.
Certain creatures in Eastern Plaguelands weren't providing reputation gain with the Argent Dawn. This has been fixed.

Maintenance, Patches, and Migration

Apr 11th 2006 3:15PM Here's the patch notes. Good luck logging on, though--I'm repeatedly getting stuck at "Authenticating".


- World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.10.1



- Nature's Grace will now correctly trigger after every spell critical strike.

- Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the Omen of Clarity talent from casting.


- Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the Seal of Command talent from casting.


- Fixed a bug where the Deep Wounds talent did not trigger "on next melee" attacks when the player had initial aggro.


- Thick Obsidian Breastplate: The effect from this item will now properly trigger from the Warlock "Death Coil" spell.

- Jagged Obsidian Shield is now Bind on Equip.


- Blacksmithing: Titanic Leggings Pattern will now drop slightly less frequently.

User Interface

- Fixed a bug that crashed the client when players in Moonkin, Noggenfogger, Gordok Ogre Suit, Hallow's End form/costume attempted to create a guild tabard.

- Fixed a bug that could crash the client when switching between windowed and full screen mode, involving third-party UI using DXT textures in .BLP files.

- Fixed a bug that caused an increase in UI Addon memory usage. Memory usage has been reduced to previous levels.

- Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the client when certain friend list notifications were received.

- In Simple Chat mode, the chat window and combat log should now again be in alignment.

- Fixed a bug that caused the combat log window to interfere with side action bars when opening large windows.

- The raid window will now properly come into focus on top of the raid group pullout.

- The rest bonus indicator will now properly appear when a faction is shown on the experience bar.

- Fixed a bug that was causing an error message to appear when opening the Alterac Valley battle map.

- Food, drink, and mount icons placed on action bars are now properly grayed out when the player is in combat.

World Environment

- The Prophet Skeram is now properly affected by "Curse of Tongues" and "Mind-Numbing Poison."

- Fixed a bug that occasionally permitted players to mount in indoor areas.

- Fixed a bug that did not properly discount subsequent legs on chained flight paths according to reputation level.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the client during a login attempt if the available realm list changed around the same time.

- Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the client when certain combinations of models and lighting were in effect.


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