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Iowa School Principal Delivers Birthday Spankings to Students

May 28th 2011 8:48AM So, now birthday spankings scar kids for life? WOW, it's over people, it's over...

Sheryl Crow Steps Out With Her New Boyfriend

May 9th 2011 10:15AM Yes, I realize he looks like he's from a horror movie, but what could she do? Imagine how much he must smell, using only one sheet of toilet paper.

What not to do on your safari

May 3rd 2011 1:30PM You're confusing laws that only are committed to domesticated animals that you keep in your home. This is hardly the case. Stupid is, as stupid does. She's a Darwin Award just waiting to happen and no one would blame the dumb animals, or they're just as dumb as they are.

What not to do on your safari

May 3rd 2011 8:27AM All I can say, is when we read about her becoming cat food, I won't feel sorry for her.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream SPF 50 Stick Launches

Mar 7th 2011 7:05AM Why yes, filter out all the UV rays, get no real vitamin D and die. Great move!

Nothing Personal, Dad: Your Daughter's Not Calling Because She's Fertile

Dec 2nd 2010 6:49AM "It makes sense from a Darwinian perspective" That's interesting when you consider that Charles Darwin rejected his own theories. And like his theories, you're are just as screwed up. Maybe Sigmund Fraud would have something to say on the subject. eh?

First Drive: 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

Nov 25th 2010 11:46AM I'm not sure if I read it right, but 5 passengers? What point is there in building a station wagon if it only holds 5? That makes as much sense as apparently this car does.

Clearing Up Your Leaves -- Savings Experiment

Oct 28th 2010 7:14AM Ah yes, that time of year again. I can't tell you how many times people would say, "Oh, isn't it so nice to live on a wooded lot?" I always reply, "obviously, you never have." From the chain saws, to the pruners, to the power pole saws, etc. etc. ad naseum, I have a whole building full of "Stuff" to take care of all this. But one thing not mentioned today is the lawn sweeper. Just buy one and hook it up to the back of the tractor mower and poof, all gone. Not mentioned about the leaf blower is the tangled mess of cords, wet leaves that won't move, of if the pile gets too high it won't move. Been there, done that. Stick with the lawn sweeper and rake out the beds. Easiest way I know.

Joe Girardi, Yankees Reportedly Close to Three-Year Contract

Oct 28th 2010 6:56AM Despite what the posters here say, I highly doubt any of you have been fans as long as you say. While I may have some problems is Girardi, I had many, many more with much of Joe Torre's calls. Like having Sheffield play 1st base. Torre was full of mistakes like this. One thing I do agree with Torre on however, it starts and ends with pitching, of which we didn't have any. Also, we god rid of Abreau, who did we replace his bat with? (don't say Swish, he was hired for 1st base) Who did we replace Johnny Damon's bat with? Who did we replace Matsui's bat with? huh? The answer is NO ONE! You can't lose three 300 batters and not feel it. Couple that with a bad season for Jete, which he was seriously overdue, and you get what we got. The Yankees are starting to penny pinch and it shows. None of that is Giradi, or Cashman's fault. The did better then I thought they would this year, I predicted they'd get blown out in the first round and I predicted this on opening day.

Elderly New York Couple Kicked Off Ship After Fight

Oct 7th 2010 12:38PM Yeah, right; and who could afford a 20,000 dollar cruise in this day and age? A rich old JEW! Get over it!


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