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Flight Attendant Reprimands Passenger for Wearing Miniskirt

Sep 7th 2007 12:42PM Why do some of you assume that Keith is gay and then compare him to the Taliban? The Taliban are nasty, misogynistc hetrosexual scum and I suspect that Keith is not far behind. Probably a right-wing, christian fundamentalist up-tight hetrosexual who can't get a date and was threatened by a pretty woman.... Note that I used small c in christian. Small c is probably appropriate on all fronts.

DIY weed killers

Aug 3rd 2007 11:35AM The best safe, organic method I have found to kill weeds is boiling water. Get a metal pump canister, the kind exterminators use, and fill with boiling water. Then spray away. Just make sure you thoroughly saturate the area where the weeds are. The hot water bursts the cells of the plants. You can see them start wilting and dying within a short time. And talk about being environmently safe, and cheap.


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