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Dita Von Teese Has an 18-Inch Waist

Jan 31st 2009 10:23PM i think an 18 inch waist is utterly unnatural. i'm all for the hour-glass figure, but what happened to 36-24-36?? the only reason this chicks waist is so tiny is because she's been wearing corsets for so long. she beautiful alright, but i dont consider that sexy, as the title of the article calls it. and to have this under a forum titled "that's fit"? please! talk about making women feel bad about themselves and encouraging others to have unrealistic and unhealthy goals. you wanna write an article about this girl's great body and how she does pilates and ballet? fine, but leave her 18" waistline out of it. that is not something to congratulate anyone on!

To Grandmother's House He Went

Oct 24th 2008 10:37PM i could be wrong, but since when is a broken hip "gravely ill"? i've worked with many, many physically disabled and injured people in my previous job as a caregiver and home healthcare worker. did she conk her head too? is she in a coma? did a bone infection set in? why say she's "gravely ill"? if he felt like being there for grandma, what's wrong with that but is it necessary to exaggerate the sitch?

Using Vinegar for Laundry

Aug 3rd 2007 12:20PM I have found several other uses for white vinegar. I like to put a few capfuls in with my laundry when I wash a load of jeans and denim items. It keeps the colors from fading and bleeding out to others. Also, try turning your jeans insided out and do not dry them as often. Another use for vinegar involves cleaning urine. I have had to deal with both dog and cat urine for years-- cat urine is particularly smelly. If you catch it soon enough, vinegar is just about the only thing known to man that will get rid of the stench. Water, dish soap, and vinegar if on an unlaunderable item. A few capfuls in the laundry if the urine is on something that can be machine-washed. If too delicate for the washer, soak in water and vinegar.


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