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Daily Dose of Style: Plaid Perfection

Sep 2nd 2009 12:17PM I'm to the age I don't care about much as comfort. Fahion changes and articles aren't everyone's opinion. I read about current likes and trends but that doesn't mean I'm going to buy what's trendy. I'm tired of the focus being on the slim and nude bodies. That isn't the majority of the public's look or preference. Decency and well mannered goes past style. I do have plaid clothing and like and wear it, and the colors for Fall I read about that are the fahion this year...I happen to already I'll wear them and enjoy it. But most of all I try to represent my beliefs in how I present myself in appearance and attitude...with a smile for one I pass or a kind word. Somebody may not remember what you wear but will remember your response to them. This site is about fashion so I'll say wear what looks good on you and wear the right attitude with'll be a smashing hit and always in style.

Spinning yarn out of plastic bags

Sep 12th 2007 11:10AM Many years ago I made a Christmas wreath from strips of plastic dry cleaner bags. Bend a coat hanger into a round shape and cut narrow strips of the plastic, about 8 inches long...thereabouts...and tie around the hanger until it is full. You could add small decorations or leave as is.

Top 8 ways vinegar is the DIY cleaner of choice

Aug 3rd 2007 12:53PM I was told by a friend that vinegar is an anti-fungal, good to soak feet in. She had done it. I believe she used the apple cider kind. I started the daily soaking....but the smell was discouraging. Listerene is also good for that purpose. I may get back to the vinegar soak. This was tried and proven by my friend. Softened them too, she said.


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