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Retired Marine's Multi-Use Garage Sparks Controversy in Dearborn

Jul 3rd 2013 3:50PM I think it is genius. I've known friends that put a large screen over one door of a 2 door garage. This guy is brilliant and since when can any city tell you what you can do in your garage as long as someone isn't living in it.

Scientology's Silent Birth: One Mother's Story

Dec 8th 2010 8:46PM I had 3 C sections. Though there was music in the background and the dr. asked for an instrument occasionally, it was pretty quiet in the room. I can't say I really thought about the calmness of the moment or the lack there of but I do like the idea of giving birth in silence over shouts coming at you from all different directions.

Cheap Trick: Keep Garden Tools in a Coffee Can

May 19th 2010 7:53PM I wondered the same thing. LOL

Cheap Trick: Keep Garden Tools in a Coffee Can

May 19th 2010 7:51PM I use the plastic coffee cans to make toiletry kits for the homeless. It will hold a roll of toilet paper, soap, tooth paste, comb, shampoo and lotion in sample size, Qtips and whatever else I have that will fit. Once it is full I give it to our local Rescue Mission to give away. Gives them everything they could need and it is in a sealed container to keep out the rain, wind and dirt.

How to tell if your child is gifted

May 3rd 2010 7:01AM In so very many ways you just described our daughter. Her teacher contacted us in 2nd grade because her grades were falling. When we discussed this my daughter said she must of gotten dumb over the summer. Holding back a chuckle I asked why and she responded that she didn't know the information the teacher was teaching. When we explained to her that school was where children LEARN she was shocked. She thought you just went to school to reinforce what you already know. When we broke this news to her and explained that she would be learning new things at school her spirits and grades went right back to where they were before. The teacher paired her up with another young man who also was gifted so that they could challenge each other. By the time she was in 6th grade, we moved and the new school system had a School for the Arts, which she entered. She is now 25, married, a teacher and starting in the fall for her Masters. Though she excelled academically, and was quite good musically playing piano and flute, she went to college for vocal music. She told me, while in college, that she did this because it was one of the most challenging things she has ever done.
I never called her gifted nor did I encourage others to. She was who she was, but I also wanted her to have as normal of a childhood as she could. By the way, this all pays off when the kids go to college. Especially if it is a private college. The scholarships and endowments she earned were unbelievable and I made sure she knew that she EARNED those with her hard work. God Bless

Student's Harvey Milk Report Censored By School

May 28th 2009 7:09AM When I was in sixth grade, in 1972, we were to write a report about one of the canidates running for president. Most kids wrote about a canidate they liked and why. I wrote about a canidate that I didn't like and why. I mentioned how he was racist and not only shouldn't be president but shouldn't be in politics at all. I wrote that I didn't want someone who didn't believe in equality for all races, to be in a position to make any decisions for myself or anyone else. I feel fortunate that I had such a wise teacher, who had she chosen to, could have sensored my report because of "sensitive issues", but she didn't. I got a good grade and complimented on my thinking about the big picture.
This young person has done the same. Isn't it funny how sometimes the further advanced we get, my handwritten report compared to her power point presentation, the more behind we can get?

Duggars to get reality show

Sep 19th 2008 5:15PM You have got to be kidding me. Many of these comments are praising Jon and Kate for being so realistic and such great parents. Kate is a controlling, nasty woman and Jon puts up with it, most of the time. One of the older girls acts just like her mother.
You find this more realistic compared to a family that works well together, has faith in God, and has managed to raise well rounded kids. Since when did holsom become a bad thing? Some comments even attack their appearance and clothing. What are you thinking people?
Oh, to the comments from "JUST PICKY" let me educate you on what taxpayers pay for. We pay for people to use PUBLICE SCHOOLS not homeschooling. The Duggars are not on government assistance of any kind, so we TAXPAYERS are not paying for their housing, food and health care. Get your facts straight.

WD-40: 1,997 useful (and weird) uses

Aug 3rd 2007 6:41PM I used wd-40 to remove tar from my car.


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