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Did Veganism and Alternative Medicine Kill Breast-Fed Baby?

Apr 7th 2011 4:14PM When the mother is not adequately nourished, the baby will not be adequately nourished. Apparently this mother didn't know anything about nutrition, What a shame her stupidity caused this baby's death.

Ellen DeGeneres and Halo Donate 1 Million Meals to Shelter Pets

Dec 29th 2010 5:34PM I'm not an Ellen fan, I don't like her, I didn't like her before I knew she was gay, so I'm not gay bashing. I just don't like her personality. BUT, I think what she did is commendable. More people with the means to do things like this, should! Thank you Ellen, for helping those who can't help themselves!! I have 5 rescued cats. They're all fixed, and are not allowed outside where any harm can do them in. I'll buy food for them before I'll buy it for myself.

Worst Turkeys in Music: 10 Songs That Deserve the Hatchet

Nov 25th 2010 8:46PM You're wrong!! Michael Bolton does an AWESOME version of Dock Of The Bay!!! Much better than Otis!!

Charles Barkley Defends Brett Favre Over Texting Scandal, Blames Media

Oct 13th 2010 6:20PM I disagree with you Mr. Barkley! It IS wrong!! The NFL, the Jets and the media wouldn't have much reason to pry into the details of what went down. But the fact that Favre and Sterger were de facto employees of the Jets, this situation needs to be investigated. This is not his personal life, this is sexual harassment in the workplace.

The Viagra Divide -- Why Are Female Sex Enhancers Banned From TV?

Sep 16th 2010 10:58AM Whoever wrote this article needs to go back to school and study English Grammar. It's "it seems WE'RE still living in an episode of "Mad Men." , not "it seems WERE still living in an episode of "Mad Men." !! Duh. . .

Fantasia Barrino Opens Up About Suicide Attempt, Goes 'Behind the Music'

Aug 23rd 2010 11:02PM Been there, done that. A girlfriend and I decided that life was not worth living because our boyfriends dumped us. (we were 14 & 15 years old at the time) We took 100 aspirin each. She had her stomach pumped, I didn't, but I survived anyway. I had very LOUD ringing in my ears for weeks afterwards. Young people do STUPID things. Thankfully, sometimes we make it through the stupidity and come out alive and well.

Flight Attendant Blows His Top, Yells at Passengers and Bolts Down Emergency Slide

Aug 16th 2010 4:25PM Click on the BLUE "New York Daily News" LINK in the article:

The link I posted doesn't work.

Flight Attendant Blows His Top, Yells at Passengers and Bolts Down Emergency Slide

Aug 16th 2010 4:20PM How did I know? One look at him and I just knew!!
"According to the New York Daily News, words were exchanged and Slater's reaction was to blow his top. He spewed profanity at stunned passengers, grabbed a beer and activated the plane's emergency slide, then bolted off the plane."

Link to the NY Daily News:

Painters at Significantly Higher Risk of Bladder Cancer

Jul 23rd 2010 2:10AM If it isn't created by God, it's bad for you!

Beach Boys to Reunite for 50th Anniversary Show

Jul 23rd 2010 1:59AM I am amazed that BW can reach those high notes while singing!! Not many his age can!


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