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Crochet a wedding cake

Sep 29th 2008 11:54AM Kinda looks like an Xmas tree instead of a wedding cake:

Hop Obama: An ale of hope?

Sep 29th 2008 11:50AM What's up with the illustration, though? It makes him look about 10 years older and scowling.

The New York Times in 60 seconds: Beijing, Bordeaux and banned from the greenmarket

Jul 30th 2008 3:05PM The headline scared me that Bordeaux was being removed from supermarkets everywhere! Good to see the bar guides coming back, though.

NBA Frankenstein: O.J. Mayo

May 27th 2008 11:51AM He's still going to be a good NBA player and worthy of a top 10 pick. He didn't want to play a year in college, and it showed.

USC Should Have Read Gregg Doyel's Prescient Column About O.J. Mayo

May 12th 2008 11:11AM Why would the NCAA, an entity with zero credibility, investigate a marketable property like USC? Their #1 concern is making money off future stars, so if they have to look the other way with a marquee program, then so be it.

Do the top-tier programs ever get investigated? The NCAA cracks down on the mid-level powers to look tough while schools like USC escape scrutiny.

Top Chef: Contestants: They're just like us!

May 1st 2008 11:34AM Except for Padma. She's not like us. She's prettier and smarter than us :).

Easter traditions demystified

Mar 23rd 2008 2:51PM Yep, there's snow on the ground in Chicago for this easter. Can't really think about spring too much when it seems so far away. named Best Redesign of the Year

Jan 11th 2008 3:58PM I thought the look of the redesign was a little bit austere at first, but I warmed up to it, especially the functionality of those sidebar menus. They say consistency is the hallmark of small minds (actually, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote words to that effect).

In the case of Apple's design, though, it's more like a cohesion that is the result of supreme self-awareness and -confidence: a powerful brand identity.

Pirates for Dummies

Sep 24th 2007 2:26PM The "talk like a pirate day" seemed like a good idea for a while, but spending a day in an office full of "pirates" - getting the RRRRR treatment got old very fast.

Fatherhood makes Eddie Vedder even more angry

Sep 20th 2007 4:03PM I can't blame him. I think Thom Yorke had a similar experience. As an adult, you know you can handle the BS to a certain degree. When you have an innocent child, and you re-examine the state of the world, it makes you afraid or, in Vedder's case, angry.


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