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Tim Lewallen

Tim Lewallen

Member Since Aug 10th, 2007

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Bat-Pod: a DIY job for The Dark Knight's creators

Jul 23rd 2008 3:22PM Dammit. I thought the article was how to build yourself a Bat Pod. Disappointed.

Get rid of fruit flies

Jul 21st 2008 10:52AM I use this method from an earlier DIY article-

It's nice because you can throw the whole thing away when you are done.

Say goodbye to your soda addiction

Jul 1st 2008 12:38PM What about just drinking diet sodas?

Rice Crispie Treat alternative

Apr 2nd 2008 7:50AM If you want to go healthy, try Kashi.

Rice Crispie Treat alternative

Apr 2nd 2008 7:47AM Fruity Pebbles
Fruit Loops
Cocoa Pebbles
Cocoa Pebbles and Peanut Butter Captain Crunch

Yeah, that's the good stuff right there.

How to store your coffee for maximum freshness

Jan 23rd 2008 2:16PM I also drink only a single cup in the morning. I use a vacuum canister from Sharper Image that works better than anything I have used before. I highly recommend it.

Make your own clothing butler

Jan 21st 2008 6:05PM While plywood would be cheaper, I would recommend using solid wood as it will not only look better and last longer, but the holes will not end up producing splinters that could snag your clothes.

Turn your old blender into a hip lamp

Jan 18th 2008 9:05AM Use LEDs and wire different colors to the various buttons that are already on the console. Or you could frost the inside of the pitcher and use one of those moving style light bulbs to make the blender look like it was actually mixing something.

Portable drive-in theater coming soon to somewhere near you

Jan 14th 2008 9:44PM Use an FM radio transmitter from and you can broadcast the sound to the various cars there for a true drive in experience!

Strippers and how to pick one

Jan 12th 2008 11:33PM I'm sorry, but I thought you meant a different kind of stripper. I thought DIY Life was getting pretty progressive there for a bit. LOL


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