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Insider: Expect an 'Oprah' Return if OWN Needs a Lift

May 26th 2011 11:03PM Oprah rules. I am glad ABC is taking soaps off the air. They are poorly written and I stopped watching many years ago!

Kim Kardashian Is Engaged!

May 25th 2011 11:57AM Kris is a home-schooled religous kid from Minneapolis suburbs. He Great basketballplayer. Family ultra-religous (was very sheltered) Hope this all works out!

Mario Lopez Steps Out With Adorable Daughter, Gia

Apr 9th 2011 7:32PM Sadly, she has all the features of a Downs Syndrome baby.

Duggar Family to Welcome Grandson in June

Mar 15th 2011 6:38PM Sterilize all Duggers!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian's Ex-Wife Went to Counseling

Jan 9th 2011 1:09AM Well, She bought her own wedding/engagement ring...

Rupert Everett Slams Jennifer Aniston's Career

Jan 2nd 2011 7:59PM Brad made the right choice! Aniston is a loser!

About That Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski Split ...

Sep 29th 2010 2:42PM Why does an anorexic woman have a TV show?

TV prices falling for Black Friday

Sep 24th 2010 9:02PM Best place to buy a new TV is Sears. Their service contract can't be beat! (the new TVs are nothing like your old ones)

John Mayer Cancels Rest of European Tour Due to Unnamed Illness

Jun 2nd 2010 4:24PM Lack of interest and ticket sales!

Walmart saves families $700 million a year? Show me the math

Jun 2nd 2010 10:49AM Yeah, and both WalMart and Sams Club make sure their workers do not get more than 39.5 hours a week, so they are considered part-time.
I will never go in their stores...
On the other hand Costco treats their employees like gold...


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