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Tropico 4 review: Evolution, not la revolucion

Sep 7th 2011 5:58PM So... I played and liked Tropico and Tropico 2. I've been meaning to play 3, but because of this should I just skip it and go straight to 4?

Fallout: New Vegas patch being patched on Xbox 360, decline update for now

Apr 29th 2011 1:27PM This is why I STOPPED PLAYING NEW GAMES!! Seriously, you know what I've been playing lately? Civilization IV. (that's 4, not 5) When Civ IV came out, it was probably $50. Each expansion, $30? The standalone Colonization, another $30-50? yeah, you can get Civ IV Complete which has both expansions, Colonization, and every patch ever for $20 now, and you don't need the hottest latest greatest computer to play it.

I'm sure I'll get around to Fallout 3 and all its descendants in a few years. By then all this crap will be ironed out.

Civilization 5 patch notes released, no ETA for update

Oct 15th 2010 11:48AM Ask my why I'm just getting around now to playing Civilization IV...

The Complete Edition is $40 with both expansions + Colonization, all patches, no DRM. I'll wait to play V when its Complete Edition comes out. :)

EA Sports to charge used game buyers $10 to unlock basic online multiplayer

May 11th 2010 10:38AM @coolblue2000

Actually your analogy is flawed to the point of siding with EA on this... Used cars go on to make a lot of money from the auto industry (replacement parts, service, etc.) so sounds a lot like EA charging for "maintenance".

While I don't like the game industry money grabbing by trying to completely block used sales, I honestly can't disagree with this "online pass" concept, as long as it is clearly spelled out on the box and it doesn't neuter offline play. Running their servers costs them--assuming they are running the servers so the $10 goes towards that--and they aren't going to take down the servers even though people are still paying their $10 "online pass".

Nintendo waggles out of Wii patent lawsuit

Mar 17th 2009 3:39PM Nintendo lost respect. They should stay and fight these patent trolls, and litigate them into the ground rather than weasel their way out of the lawsuit.

How does MS number thy Windows? Let Mike Nash count the ways.

Oct 16th 2008 1:09PM Calling it 7.0 makes sense when you're looking at code version, but saying its "Seventh in the Windows family" is completely wrong. Lets count..

1.0 = first
2.0 = second
3.0 = third
NT (4.0) = fourth
95 = fifth
98 = sixth
2000 = seventh
xp = eighth
vista = ninth
and lets not even get into all the Windows Server, Windows Media Center, and 64-bit version. So the next version is the tenth? That would make the marketing guy's job real easy-- Windows X. It's powerful sounding, the logo could a big 'X', they could tie it into their Xbox marketing, and subsequent versions could be X2, X3, etc.

the only problem is it sounds a little too close to Mac's OS X, and with Macboy's already saying that Vista is what Mac OS was years ago, it wouldn't help them any...

I wish they woulda just stuck with the year versioning. XP shoulda been Windows 2001, SP1 upgrades to Windows 2002, Windows Server was in 2003, SP2 in 2004, Media Center is 2005, SP3 in 2008, and version 7.0 is Windows 2010 if it gets doesn't get delayed any further. Unfortunately I don't understand why marketing types just feel the need to constantly change the moniker of a successful product line.

MMOGology: Mobile MMOGs

Jun 30th 2008 6:55PM I'd love to see MMOs much more integrated with other technologies other than the full-fledge client executable... Like webpages, email, mobile apps, and SMS. So while you're home, you can play the full game, but while you're away you can use the mobile app to basically play minigames that effect your main account, and while you're at work (heheh) you can use a website to manage aspects of the game such as political or trade agreements (in an empire builder, for instance).

The Daily Grind: Do zones kill immersion?

Jun 26th 2008 5:19PM Solo RPGs on PCs dead!? I think you might need to peel your eyes off Massively and WoW forums for a minute and take a look around. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006), Jade Empire (200), Mass Effect (2008)... All top rated, well-selling games. Yes, there's no doubt MMORPGs have taken over the genre, but you can't call single player RPGs dead.

And yes, I realize not everyone plays games the same way I do. But by saying that, you've demonstrated that you missed my point completely. I was NOT complaining that I don't appreciate MMOs for these reasons, nor do I think that these things ruin games and gaming. I enjoy MMOs too, or else me being here would be just make me a trolling loser who has nothing better to do than post on fan sites of things I don't like... My point was strictly about things that ruin immersion in a game's setting, and while I can get into playing WoW and have fun with it, there's too many other things that prevent me from being truly immersed in the fantasy world to worry about whether zone boundaries and loading yanks me out of the fantasy and reminds me I'm still just playing a game-- which was this article's original point.

We can't resist new Fallout 3 screens

Jun 25th 2008 11:33AM Anyone else think that first screen looks like a scene from I Am Legend?

The Daily Grind: Do zones kill immersion?

Jun 24th 2008 12:19PM Things that kill immersion:

- Thousands of adventurers all trying to do the same heroic deeds, relatively few "citizens".
- Interfaces, such as meters, toolbars, talk channels, menus, words floating above everyone's heads, radars, quick-keys, etc.
- Focusing on levels, attributes, XP, combat stats, skill points, and "figuring out what all the stats mean, how they relate to one another, and which ones you should focus on gearing to achieve the greatest return for your character."
- People who talk in game about leveling and levels, their attributes, maxing stats, gaining skill points, XP, rezing, agging, tanking, spawn areas, zones, quests, NPCs, LFG, PST, FPS, WTS, WTF?, raids, maps, websites, other IRL stuff...
- People who talk... period. First of all, listen to the average online game player... Not exactly "high fantasy", more like "lowest common denominator". (The good news is your average tweaker MMO player is just trying to type fast and get stuff done, compared to your average flame-war starting adolescent homophobic HALO player.) Second, the way people talk about the above things yanks you right out of any possible "immersion" you could possibly have, and smacks you in the face with the fact that you're still basically in an IRC session with graphics.

...and you're worried about a little pause between zones ruining immersion? Seriously, I know that many MMO players have come to love/expect the above, and taking much of it away (stats, levels, channels, etc) would piss off more people than it would attract truly role-playing oriented immersion junkies like myself, but don't you think it could be toned down just a little before concerning yourself with load times...?


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