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Disney World Puts an End to Grad Nite

Mar 11th 2011 9:37AM Um - we can't all agree on tge republican president part!!

Was Michigan Teacher Wrong to Eject Students for Anti-Gay Remarks?

Nov 17th 2010 9:07AM You are also protected by your anonimity on the internet.

New York City's Bloomberg proposes outdoor smoking ban

Sep 16th 2010 5:26PM Come on - how dumb can you people be? You can always smoke in your own home and car!! That way you will be in a confined space where the nicotine poison will be concentrated and you will get the full effects of it - and maybe then you will be satisfied!!

New York City's Bloomberg proposes outdoor smoking ban

Sep 16th 2010 5:11PM Umm, please confine your stinking cigarette smoke to your home and car. You seem to forget that red meat doesn't have anything that "wafts" over to my nose and lungs.

Divorcing Dog Owners Ordered to Share Custody

Jul 9th 2010 8:51AM What's the matter with these people? Divorcing!! Why don't they stay together and make the marriage work? If they love the dog so much, that is the right thing to do. They must have seen something in each other, to have gotten married in the first place. Speaking as someone who has just passed the 50 year mark in her marriage, differences and problems CAN be overcome. They should give it another try, and get the lawyers out of the picture.

Herbal Supplements Often Have Contaminants, Study Shows

May 28th 2010 12:35PM That is one of the craziest statements I've seen yet. To say that the government is trying to kill off people is totally irresponsible. You must have just gotten out of a mental institution to make such a statement. The government needs us to be responsible citizens by working to contribute to the national goals.

Herbal Supplements Often Have Contaminants, Study Shows

May 28th 2010 12:29PM A homeopathic doctor is no more than someone who has done a bit of reading and then pronounced himself "doctor". Why would you trust someone who has no schooling or education? They are all a bunch of con artists just waiting to take your money for supposed "herbal" meds. We need to shut down these fake "herbal drug factories" once and for all.

Herbal Supplements Often Have Contaminants, Study Shows

May 28th 2010 12:22PM Oh please -- don't go asking for information from this list. These people are no better than the charlatans who make these so-called herbal remedies. If one were to truly go out into the fields and forests and collect the herbs in their natural form then maybe they would be worth taking. As it is, the "herbal drug companies" are packaging up the stuff in pills and capsules and whatever they choose to put in. You truly don't know what you are getting -- and they don't have to do any product testing or even show if the thing they are touting is effective. We need to stop these "herbal supplements" companies and get them out of the business of peddling their wares. People need to protected from themselves and their own ignorance -- as is quite evident from the postings on this subject.

Herbal Supplements Often Have Contaminants, Study Shows

May 27th 2010 1:30PM Ok, hon -- I did read your post. And for your information my basal cell
cancer on my scalp was a lot larger than just a small lesion when the surgeon went to excise it. What started out as a quarter size lesion soon became apparent that the whole top of my head/scalp was involved. And it also went down the left side of my face, following a blood vessel. It was treated by a Mohs surgeon, and my whole scalp was removed. The area involved was so large that I had to have a skin graft from my thigh. After that healed, I had 8 weeks of radiation. So don't tell me that it was nothing compared to a brain tumor. I lived through it and will forever be affected. I am bald and will never have hair again.

Herbal Supplements Often Have Contaminants, Study Shows

May 26th 2010 9:08PM Thanks for all your comments. Far from being a complete idiot, I am a retired RN with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. And yes, I know that many of today's drugs came from plants and thus, nature. However, folks that say they want to take only "natural" or alternative medicine are being duped because those herbs can be dangerous. This same relative I referred to previously had, for years had foot problems. Her feet were often very red, sometimes purple. She was told she had a neuropathy (which simply is pathology of nerves.) I asked her several times, if she were diabetic. She always denied it. Turns out she is indeed diabetic. And she has permanent nerve damage in her feet. There is no cure for her. So she puts her feet in ice water, because they feel hot to her. But the latest thing she has found is a 90 year old "doctor" in a so-called "health" magazine who has an "expensive" compound he is claiming will "cure" diabetic neuropathy. She of course falls for this "snake oil" cure and spends a lot of money on it. She is talking herself into believing she is getting better -- BIG WASTE. Along these same lines, her husband who is now deceased at age 72, also believed he knew more than the medical doctors. He (along with my husband) had a father and grandfather who had CVA's/strokes due to untreated hypertension. I have seen to it that my husband has continuous medical care and attention to be sure that his blood pressure stays within bounds. This BIL treated his own BP with alternative meds, and laughed at me when I voiced my concerns over his BP being 200/100!! He had multiple strokes and after 5 years finally died at 72. What a waste!! So tell me about these herbal drugs, and how safe they are. Oh yeah.. Up with the FDA, and down with the charlatans who peddle their snake oil!!


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