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Diana L. kraft

Diana L. kraft

Member Since Aug 25th, 2007

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10 Creative Uses for Magnets

Apr 20th 2010 10:54AM the only one knowing they were dopey ideas is a dope himself. if your so intelligent you should be rich dude

Hank Aaron: Michael Vick 'A Very Good Guy'

Aug 28th 2007 11:20PM hank ,you shock me i think its all racial now. anyone who tortures anyone animals, etc is a despicable excuse for a human being. maybe you can get vick to baby sit your dogs hank .

Michael Wilbon: 'I'd Like to See Vick Locked in a Cage With Six to Eight of Those Pit Bulls'

Aug 25th 2007 9:10PM I think Mr. Vick shoud be put in the same cadiory as a child abuser.
Animals, give unconditional love, unless trained and abused to do elsewise.
I or anyone in my family will never by another ticket to a football game again if Vic is allowed to play.
The courts should take all his sign up bonus and give it to the many animals who need love & care, because it was all done for money.
What has happend to the human race that they have made money their God?
I can not think of a name bad enough to refer to Vick other then he is a "Maggot"
One other thing to remember is "what goes around , comes around" and in the end we all we have our final judgement in fornt of the Lord.


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