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Legendary Actress Elizabeth Taylor Dies at Age 79

Mar 23rd 2011 12:08PM Liz taylor had more chins than a hong kong phone book

World's Worst Travel Diseases (And How To Avoid Them)

Jan 18th 2011 1:00PM bottled spring water is one of the most dangerous things you can drink. It is not disinfected whatsoever. 46 people have died since the 90s from "spring water". Are you aware that this water, which is UNTREATED, has worms you can't see, like cryptosporodosis, cholera, among other things? NEVER EVER assume spring water in a bottle is safe to drink, even if it's sealed. You must still disinfect it with a disinfecting tablet or ten drops of chlorine bleach to each gallon, otherwise, there is a chance, however remote, that you will get a water borne illness. The safest water to drink is right out of your tap. The chlorine in it guarantees that all germs are killed. When you are abroad, the best tip is if you can't smell bleach in the water, DO NOT TOUCH IT DON'T EVEN TAKE A BATH IN IT. Better yet, stay out of third world countries. And don't buy bottled water, that's downright stupid, as it's unsanitized. Drink Pepsi when in doubt. Or coke or whatever. This notion that spring water is so good for you is a downright LIE perpetrated by nestle to sell poland spring water. I live within 15 miles of Poland spring's well, and i would not TOUCH their water, if you only knew, you wouldn't either. There is a chemical company right next to them, pioneer plastics, who, in the 70s dumped pollutants that DOES seep into groundwater which is where poland spring water comes from. Better off to drink soda pop.

World's Worst Travel Diseases (And How To Avoid Them)

Jan 18th 2011 12:47PM RIDICULOUS!!! I have drinken tap water from Argentina (my home
country, who uses MORE chlorine dioxide than the us to disinfect the
water), Hungary, Canada, Germany, and the US. To say don't drink the
water anywhere is a very ignorant statement. It's one thing when you
are in a third world country, if you drink the water or ice you
deserve what you get, but in developed nations such aa US UK Argentina
Uruguay Chile Canada and most all of europe the water is just fine.
If you have reservations about it boil it then. I think this is a
ploy to sell more bottled water. What should have been said is to
avoid drinking the water in all third world and tropical nations (due
to cryptosporodosis-which has been plaguing Australia for years now),
but to say every nation is downright stupid. There is not ONE
municipal water supply in Argentina that is unfit to drink and is not
disinfected. The stupid way that this article is written makes it
sound like the water in all other countries comes from the same water
we flush our toilets in. I don't know about the rest of the world,
but i can tell you that is a VERY false statement when it comes to
Argentina, water either comes from lakes or de salination plants and
we flush our toilets into the rivers where we NEVER drink the water.
Not only is it treated with chlorine dioxide, reverse osmosis and
flourescent light is also used as "insurance", and you can do the
research for yourself, not a single case of "montezuma's revenge" has
EVER happened in the nation of argentina, nor do i think it happened
in Canada. Whomever wrote this article just wants to nickel and dime
our pocketbooks to buy bottled water (which you should in places like
mexico, 3rd world south america argentina uruguay and chile are NOT
third world nations)and maybe africa and australia, which is not a
third world nation by any means but they struggle with crypto due to
the very hot climate there. It's all about money. Why the hell would
I pay 4 peso for 300ml of water in Buenos Aires when I can get it for
free from the tap? Know why people live so long today? they drink
DISINFECTED water, that's why. The fools who drink spring water
because of the chlorine will soon learn all about the diseases of the
1800s from bad water that was not treated. When i am not in a third
world country, such as here in the us or home in argentina, i would
not drink bottled water if you gave it to me for free, you can get
worms and cholera. Water can be very dirty, even the best Poland
Spring water has made people sick in the past. The germs in water are
invisible. When I was a little girl in Argentina, we were brought up
to keep water disinfecting tablets in our purse when we went on hikes
just to be safe. Those that won't drink disinfected water are fools
who I have no sympathy for when they get sick. When I go to central
america and mexico i still put disinfecting tablets into bottled
water. Remember one thing: unless it's distilled water, bottled
water is NOT disinfected and should be outlawed. since 1996 45 people
have died as a result of drinking bad "spring bottled" water. Learn
the facts before you write stupid articles like this
Guillermina Pujol

What's The Greenest Vehicle On The Road?

Oct 21st 2010 5:57PM just by comparison. at my local rate of 34cents per kwh, it would be triple the price of gas to drive a car. Ever see how badly rechargeable batteries run up the light bill pinhead?

Can Cinnamon Help Manage Blood Sugar?

Oct 5th 2010 8:13AM wow so does that mean i can eat apple pie with extra cinnamon or a cinnamon bun or donut with my diabetes? Cool

Crabby Discovery Channel Sues 'Deadliest Catch' Bros

Sep 21st 2010 9:50AM these 2 are the most arrogant fishermen on this show. they should be sued, when they sign a contract, you agree to the terms. I'm glad they're being sued, hope they both lose EVERYTHING

David Letterman Meets a Cheetah - and Learns What Cheetahs are Scared of (VIDEO)

Sep 10th 2010 11:23AM pity that the cheetah didn't kill and eat the perverted letterman.

Crazy places people hide money

Sep 9th 2010 9:54PM If you want to hide money, the very best solution is to hide it in plain sight. A thief will never think to look there, instead he's gonna look for every hiding place there is. I put my money right on the refrigerator. I once had a bunch of nickels and pennies stolen when i was robbed, they were hidden. I had a one hundred dollar bill in plain sight which they left behind. So if you want to hide your money, hide it in plain sight.

Consumer Reports Ranks Fast-Food Burgers

Sep 8th 2010 9:45AM five guys makes the lowest quality food i ever tasted. Consumer reports is a communist union. What you are reading is THEIR opinion

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!

Sep 7th 2010 12:24PM I remember buying a couple of riddex units. From the day I plugged it in, the dog and cat ran away and never came back. It does not work on bedbugs.


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