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Dave Aurand

Dave Aurand

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Homeowner Robert Phipps Says Neighbor's Solar Panels Are Blinding

Apr 28th 2013 4:33PM There is nothing wrong with putting darkening shades/blinds on his windows. It will save on his heating and cooling bills. If he doesn't want to do that, then just install sun block on your windows. You can install the reflective type, or absorbing kind. Not onlly will it solve his problem, nut it also saves having UV rays damaging everything in the home.

5 Unfinished Landmarks Worth A Visit

Apr 23rd 2013 7:42PM I try not to buy ANYTHING made in China! I'm learniing that doing some internet research, yoou can buy many thing here. I bought an office chair sold under the SERTA brand, but found out it is made by True Innovations. It's less then three years, and I've replaced the seat part, and the mechanical parts. I just found on line a chair made here in the good USA, and it has a life time warranty! It's a little more expensive, but give me "MADE IN USA" anytime!

House of the Day: Live Next Door to Joe Biden

Oct 21st 2011 9:18PM You would have to pay me to live there, and build a wall 16 feet high!

10 Home Projects You Should Never DIY

Aug 1st 2011 8:32PM I would do everything on this list. I do agree that MOST DIYers should not attempt the HVAC! I would teach my customers how to do it, but most would start, then stop after a day or two.

Bizarre baby names: banned in New Zealand

Jul 22nd 2011 2:01AM It means the person is a fruit!

'Barefoot' Backfire: Make-a-Wish Kid Turns Ina Down

Mar 31st 2011 8:16PM Ina is full of herself! I watch many food network shows and I got tired of her early on. She seemed to be too phony.

Charlie the Voldemort Cat May Have No Ears, But He Still Deserves a Good Home

Feb 16th 2011 12:12AM Hopefully there are NO animals in her home. She is a terrdible person!

N.Y. Girl, 9, is Allergic to Cold

Feb 8th 2011 5:47PM "Priscilla not only has to avoid cold
weather conditions, she also has
to bathe in near-scalding water".

This lead-in is streaching things a little far. Her bath water is around 86 degrees. (Not even hot) Your body temp is 98.6, therefore "Brett" check out your facts!

Christina Aguilera Botches National Anthem at Super Bowl, Admits Mistake

Feb 6th 2011 9:00PM If you don't want to sing it as it should be, then don't sing it at all!


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