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Can Tiger Ever Recover? Answer Is No

Dec 15th 2009 9:09AM Jay,

I certainly don't defend Tiger, but how you have decided that he cannot and will not make a comeback is beyond me. We've seen people redeem themselves and come back to become even greater after far greater "transgressions" many times in the entire history of the world. It all depends on Tiger and what he's really made of. The only difference between Tiger Woods and every man/woman is that he had a long way to fall. No one is perfect. The pedestal he was placed upon was unrealistic in the first place and full of media hype. "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone..."

Who was watching Applebee's Weight Watcher meals?

Jul 27th 2009 4:51PM The first thing that Weight Watcher's teaches is that eating out too often will cause you to gain weight because the true amount of calories can only be guesstimated. It is nice when you are looking for a lower calorie entree that tastes good that the Applebee's lighter menu is offered but it surely doesn't mean you should depend on it on a daily basis.

We need to stop depending on someone else to do the work for us. If we are at home planning, weighing and measuring our foods and getting our daily workouts, an ocassional Applebee's light meal is not going to stop our progress.

McCain Wins the Maverick Vote

Nov 3rd 2008 12:08PM CA11550-

700 Billion Bailout, country on the verge of a depression, war on Iraq dragging on (no WMD found, not the country responsible for the World Trade attack), Bush having the lowest approval rating of a President in 70 years, and the list goes on...

Me thinks the country is already ruined. McCain is just more of the same. His negative campaign and lack of focus says he attended school along with a long line of Bush decendents and included a class in "Tricky Dick" (Nixon in case you don't know) tactics.

How to make great iced coffee at home

Aug 31st 2007 6:40AM You have to try Cool Brew for iced coffee. I haven't used my coffee maker since for hot or cold. It is a world of difference. I can't imagine making coffee double strength and having it taste anything but bitter.


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