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Weber Sportscars Faster One: The World's Fastest Car?

May 13th 2008 12:19AM i got it, i got it now!!! it's a mutant Batmobile. ha, ha, ha

Weber Sportscars Faster One: The World's Fastest Car?

May 13th 2008 12:13AM eh, i'm a benz owner...i'd rather get the newest benz sports car. built great, classy and beautiful, doesn't cost as much, goes real fast, handles great...what more would anyone want? i have a benz that can go 160 mph right now but do you think i'd ever try to drive it that fast? ya need a racetrack to do it and also be crazy to boot. you need to be a skilled driver to even attempt to do it. come down to earth people, come on down to earth, our highways only let us go around 75 to 80 mph without having the cop's on our butts. this car here was built for old rich fart's that want to keep it in their garage and pat themselves on the back everyday congratulating themselves for owning it. boring.........zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Beyoncé sexing up children's clothing

May 12th 2008 8:06PM c'mon, beyonce looks like a street walker all the time, admit it. she's downright trashy looking and now wants little girls to look just like her. any mom that buys this crap for their young girl should have social services after them and get the kid removed from the household. little girls aren't supposed to dress like the nowaday's sleezy looking teens, broad's in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and up. little girls are supposed to dress for their age and there's nothing more beautiful than a little girl looking like the perfect innocent little girl. they can wait another 10 or more years to join the crowd of female's that look like hos then if they want to. don't rush it!!!

Bear Adds Extra Security at Louisiana Prison

May 9th 2008 12:49AM they be black bears there, not brown, grizzley, kodiak, or polar. the picture shown is a grizz, brown, or kodiak but it looks like a young bear. a grizz can stand 12 feet tall and so can the others almost. a black bear eats vegetation or mice, insects, etc. if vegetation is slim in their area. they aren't people eaters. they're shy and will run from you rather than attack you. i saw a mom up in a tree with two cubs and we all got out of our cars to take pictures. i then noticed the other momma bear walking out of the woods, told everyone to look what's coming, they all ran, i stayed, and mom walked right alongside me, almost brushed into me, and kept on walking 'til she got to the tree....then she climbed up it and joined the other mom and the two cubs. maybe mom didn't see me as a threat, i do love bears, and i have to be honest and say i felt no fear so she obvioulsy didn't pick up any on me. i've heard that if you need to, just lay down, curl into a ball, cover your face, and play dead. they may bat at you a few times and then walk away. they're more afraid of us than we are of them. now, i was lucky so don't you go and try this!! i doubt this bear will be a very good "watchdog" for that prison. just take food with you, toss it to the bear, and then run like heck and don't stop running until you way, way far away. hah. must be a slow news day for aol. oh my, ha, ha some more.

Teen's text foils robbery

May 4th 2008 10:22PM as charlie chan would have said: "number one daughter very stupid and i tell you why:

first: make sure all windows and doors are locked.

second: dial 911, it alerts police, fire, rescue squad.

third: crawl "under" bed to hide, not lay on top of bed.

fourth: text honorable mother after safe under bed.

charlie chan would also say: "number one honorable mother is also very stupid and i tell you why":

first: robber could have gun or knife.

second: even without weapon, robber could be bigger.

third: honorable mother watch too may crime movies where female beats up bad guy. movie all make-believe.

my phone doesn't text, still have the old dinosaur style one and even if it did text, my husband asked me who'd i'd text to. good question being that i don't talk to anyone on my cell except him and most of the time i have to leave messages due to him being at meetings elsewhere in his office building. his phone doesn't take text messages anyway even if he was sitting near it. only other usage is for a longdistance business call that i have to make at times, can't use text for that either. soooo, i'd do what charlie chan said the daughter should have done first and this is to dial 911. then, i'd grab my colt .44 magnum, stand with a solid wall behind me so nobody could come sneaking up behind me and foil my plan, and i'd wait to greet the robber's after they got into the house. as a backup for my colt .44, i'd have my trusty german shepherd guard dog standing next to me. they'd be told if they try to run, my shepherd will bring them down in a matter of seconds. she's trained to do this if necessary at my command.

people need to make plans for when this sort of crap happens. parents need to talk to their kids and give them sound instructions that are easy to follow. no, don't tell them where the guns are in the house if you have them, you keep track of that for your own self, kid's don't need to know and if they do, they should be taught very early that they are "HANDS OFF ITEMS AT ALL TIMES". even a two year old and possibly younger can be taught how to dial 911. once called, they immediately send help so if the kid can't talk, don't worry, they're on their way to your house. being 13, one would think that this girl would have used a better way than she did so it's really great that she wasn't hurt, nor her stupid mother that took on the robbers all by herself. this entire situation could have ended up extremely tragic so make sure everyone in your house has a fire plan and a robber plan. no, i'm not chinese like charlie chan was nor am i with the police. i'm just sick of hearing about so many people being killed by robbers and rapists. don't allow them to get the upper hand on ya. be sharp, be aware, have a foil and fool proof plan. oh, i also have another backup dog, full blood pitbull but she'd lick the robbers to death, she loves people. but, just seeing her should be enough to make someone's blood run cold. now, getting her not to wag her tail so fast 'til it looks like her butt's about to fly off her body and stop showing robbers/rapists how happy and excited see is to see "visitor's come here to hug and pet her" is one thing i'm still working on. i think i'd have to lock her in one of the bathrooms before the enemy gets inside. hah.

Arizona State Cuts Cheerleading Squad, Was Responsible?

May 4th 2008 3:08AM yikes, with so many english 101 teachers here on this board, i'd best let everyone know that i screwed up a word at the end of my post. i left the "r" off of the word "you". ok, put the "r" on the "you" and you get the correct word, "your". now, class is over, all you nit-picky obnoxious english teacher's go to bed!!!

Arizona State Cuts Cheerleading Squad, Was Responsible?

May 4th 2008 2:44AM ok, the gal's ain't all that great looking to begin with. i'm a female so understand how insecure women will peel their clothes off to get attention. i've never done it, never had to and i'm really quite good looking. i have large breasts, great body, sky blue eyes, and hair so long that it's down below my butt cheeks, i can sit on, i've never had to wear makeup. still, with my nice looks, even if i were insecure, i'd never drop my pants and have a picture of me taken in my undies. i can't drop the bra, i've never worn one. instead, i've never worn low cut tops, skimpy shirts, and skirts, etc., and i've always worn clothes large enough so that i look very ladylike. anyone can look like a skank but not many can dress so they look classy and i've never understood why most female's can't nowadays. these gal's here don't really look like skanks but they sure do look close to being them because they dropped their outer clothes. why did you feel you had to do this, gals? do you need to show your undies and bras to be remembered by other people? i would think that you'd want to be remembered for your skills, great grades, and personalities. now you'll only be remembered for your tacky undie's picture. how sad that female's are now pressured to show practically everything that they have on their body and guess what, everyone has the same things so whoop-d-doo for that. you showed no more than a bathing suit would show but you failed to see that the panty and bra picture only cheapens you. i don't think what you did was "wrong", i think it was "stupid" so now do you get the drift of what i'm saying? you cheapened the organization's players that you cheer for and the school that you cheer for. most will remember y'all as being the "stupid" Arizona State Cheerleading Squad with the tacky assortment of what looks to be dimestore quality underwear in a rather goofy looking equally tacky dimestore pose. c'mon gal's, you sure could have been be "classier" than that...well, i guess not. pity. you do deserve to be eliminted and it's for no other reason than you stupidity.

Has Jesus Risen from a Drop-Down Ceiling?

Apr 23rd 2008 2:57AM well, my people come from norway and we believe in know, those usually snow white haired kooky looking devilish people with many missing teeth? i swear i see a troll's face in the water stain and being that troll's can do some rather nasty things, i bet it's really a urine stain and not a water stain on that ceiling. somebody (the troll of course) pushed a filled up urine pan under a bed upstairs, then tipped it over, the urine seeped through a crack in the floor and.....waaalaaaa, there's the face of the dude that did it. i can see the troll's eyes and upper eyelids perfecty, all trolls have long unkept hair, and even though the yellow pee has dyed his snow white hair to give it a golden blonde effect, i can still see several snow white clumps of his natural colored hair. this ain't jesus for sure, he hasn't quite got the sense of mean spiritedness in him for this prank. eh, do the troll's eyes follow you as you move round the room? bet they do but ya have to be quick to catch him doing it. they are very, very sly, these trolls are.

General Motors looking at $200 million engine plant in Brazil

Apr 19th 2008 8:52PM big deal, american's lose their gm jobs. all they need to do is move to where the japanese autos are made...and that's right here in america. ford, chevy, etc. are made in mexico and canada so go and leave too, gm. y'all make crappy products. japan no longer owns japanese auto companies, american auto companies own them. they build 'em here by american workers, they're built right, and they last three times longer than those other hunks of metal junk. save an american's job, buy a toyota. it's the best of them all.

Tavis Smiley: Over & Out at Tom Joyner Morning Show

Apr 14th 2008 8:57PM soooooo, it's true huh, just because osama obama is black, the black folk's love him. now, does this tell you something or what? look, you black folk's, i'm a white female and i think hitlery, who's also white and female, and osama obama, who's black and male, both suck. it isn't due to color of skin or their sexes, it's due to the damage that will come if either of them become president. look deeper into what crap is coming out of their mouths for pete's sake. neither has american's best interests in their own personal interests. they're like carnival barker's trying to sell us a blind lame horse. please, no more commie pinko klintons and please, no man that won't put his hand on his heart when our song is played for our flag, wear a us flag on his lapel, and isn't really a true "black african american". i adore black people but for your sake and for mine, if a black person should become president, lets at least have them be a "real" black american person. i don't listen to this radio show but am glad that the guy tells it like it really is about osama obama. please don't let the color of obama's skin blind you.


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