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Archaeologists Discover Funerary Boat Of One Of Ancient Egypt's Earliest Pharaohs

Aug 2nd 2012 1:36PM Goes to show that people have been clobbering each other for thousands of years, and will continue to do so....

Steins, New Mexico: The Ultimate American Ghost Town

Aug 2nd 2012 11:47AM It's "javelina," and they're not rodents, but a type of wild pig! Geez, get your story straignt!

Plus Size Shapewear

Oct 31st 2011 4:17PM Then I'LL be blunt with YOU: Get off the computer and stay off the women's underwear posts!

Minute Makeover: A Small Kitchen Saved by a 'Culinary Man Cave'

Jul 5th 2011 11:24AM Voila.....not "wallah." Sorry......I couldn't help it. Nor do I know how to put the accent mark above the "a" in voila......

Uncontacted tribe discovered in the Amazon

Jun 23rd 2011 3:58PM Their medical issues, whatever they may be and no matter how badly the outcome, are nature's way of keeping their population in tune with their environment - nature is non-biased. They don't know anything else and probably have their own belief system to deal with it, which means keep the damn missionaries out of there! It's none of their business!

311's Nick Hexum Delivers Baby at Home

Jun 17th 2011 1:06PM If we had opted to have a home delivery, both my son and I would probably have died. So much for having home births.

Miracle Baby Born After Being Carried Outside Uterus

May 27th 2011 3:39PM It wasn't a "miracle" - it was biological: she had sex with a man (no father mentioned), and she got pregnant. It ended up in the wrong place, but survived. No magical intervention. End of story.

Miracle Baby Born After Being Carried Outside Uterus

May 27th 2011 3:36PM WHAT father? I didn't see one mentioned.

Miracle Baby Born After Being Carried Outside Uterus

May 27th 2011 3:36PM Note there is no father mentioned, but she just decided to have another baby....sigh.....

The 4 Best At-Home Hair Color Kits, Plus Tips for DIY Dyeing

May 26th 2011 2:44PM Sounds just like my hairdresser: whenever I ask her to suggest a good home hair coloring brand, she always tells me that she can't recommend any, because she's a hairdresser - ???? What?! Do you still want me to come in every 5-6 weeks for a cut, or not?!


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