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Bill Metzger

Bill Metzger

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Energy-Saving Bulbs Causing Migraine Headaches

Jan 2nd 2008 12:43PM As a migrane sufferer I have read everything about them for 60 years. I was never able to discover a cause but when I had one everything seemed to make it worse: noise, light from any source, smells, stress, motion, activity of any sort. One thing I learned: they are a disease of adulthood. They first occur at age 12 to 18 and they stop at age 60 to 80. For best relief use an eye cover in any light, and lie perfectly still, flat on your back on a flat surface.

Tennis balls: Little. Yellow. Useful.

Sep 9th 2007 5:20PM Cut the ball in half. Pitch one half over the home plate while the batter swings a broom stick to hit the ball. Game modeled after baseball can be played by any number of players. Make up the rules as you go. The game is called half ball. Many of us played it in city streets when we didn't have the money to buy sports equipment.


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