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Wm. R. Doty

Wm. R. Doty

Member Since Sep 9th, 2007

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Looking For New Cookware?

Mar 17th 2009 3:52PM ABSOLUTLY DO NOT BUY ALL-CLAD! Some years ago, I redid our kitchen and installed a glass top range. From the git-go, my wife really restricted my use of it, even though we had often shared the cooking duties. Then, she decided that our Revere Ware did not perform well enough on the glass top and she decided All-Clad was the best replacement. I foolishly went along with the idea, and even provided a lot of the pieces as gifts to her. Now she guards it rigidly, and I am not allowed to even wash it! Consider me a "Married Ex-cook"!

Tennis balls: Little. Yellow. Useful.

Sep 9th 2007 6:28PM Drill a hole in the ball and mark it clearly with a ball point pen or marker. Insert it over the tip of your car antenna when parked in the Green Bay Packers parking lot. It makes a beacon to find your vehicle when you leave, victorious, after the game. PS. It works in a Wal-Mart lot just as well. Big Bill.


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