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The Doggie Diaries: Pippi's Vexing Vet Visit

Apr 16th 2010 3:04PM My vet is terrific. She (they, there is more than one in the office) always gives us our options. They believe in the least invasive and don't just reach for the scrip pad. I have never been afraid to ask, "if it were your pet what would you do?" They do their best to keep the costs down. We have had to have some of our beloved pets put to sleep because of health issues and our primary vet will pray with us and all of them hold us while we cry. Then about a week later we get a sympathy card in the mail personally signed by everyone in the office. My Boston terrier does not like going to the vet and has fit. She has to be sedated just to have her nails trimmed. They are always very kind and have me stop by before to get sedation so she doesn't get too worked up because if she does she can't get calmed down and we have wasted a trip into town. I hope you find someone more suitable.

Are Crying Kids Cute?

Apr 16th 2010 11:06AM I remember one Christmas, I reached for a present far back under the Christmas tree and the tree fell on me. My mother thought it was funny and grabbed the camera while my brother (11 years older than I) picked the tree up off me and made sure I was okay. Moms sometimes do things that don't make sense to others.

Canada's Party For Women's Hockey Is On Despite IOC's Buzz Kill

Feb 26th 2010 2:43PM If they want to party, fine. There is a time and place for that. But, not on the ice. That was tacky. What kind of message does that send to our youth?

Michelle Duggar Delivers Baby 19 Via Emergency C-Section

Dec 11th 2009 11:23AM How many children the Duggar's have is none of our business. Tax payer money is not supporting them. Michelle and Jim Bob, May God bless you and your new baby and your entire family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Bonds Ball Owner Leaves Fate Up to You

Sep 17th 2007 5:27PM If Barry Bonds is so great and so down to earth why weren't his own team mates lined up to congratulate him when he came into home? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Tennis balls: Little. Yellow. Useful.

Sep 9th 2007 6:35PM Tennis balls make great sound barriers and cut down on feedback when you have a hearing impaired student with a sound system. Cut an X in the tennis balls and slip them over the legs of the desks and chairs.


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