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1-800-FLOWERS 15% off Coupon Code

Dec 24th 2010 11:41AM I tried to send a couple orders. But, everytime the website claimed This product was not available, was not available? Each and everytime. How can you sell something if every selection is unavaliable. I was just trying to them to Branson Missouri?
One was to be sent to family for a new baby.
Second was to the our parents.

May I suggest another flower service...
I am disappointed.

House Narrowly Passes Historic Health Care Bill

Nov 8th 2009 9:08AM Come on, Our president is out of his mind with spending. He is going crazy with our money. I see the bailout to the banks,auto makers and the cost of war was not enough. He is bankrupting our country. No more can we blame Bush for our country's problems. We have elected a president that is costing us everything. When, I go to sleep at night. I pray that our country will wake up to what is happening. We are losing everything.
We already pay more than half to the goverment. Our lives are no longer our own. The US dollar has no value. If we do not stop spending everything may be lost. I am all for healthcare reform. But, let's wait untill we can get our country back on it's feet. Before we try something so grand. I say no to healthcare reform at this time...

Ontario Lottery apologizes for false winning tickets

Jan 8th 2009 7:19PM The feel good feeling of winning the lottery leaves when the goverment steps in and wants over 1/2 of your winnings.

It just is not fair. When they take more than a fair share.
They did not buy the winning ticket. The goverment should not get a dime.

Oh yes, the lottery company should at least give the people some thing for thier mistake. (Crushing)

15 ways to recycle plastic milk jugs

Sep 12th 2007 9:11AM These jugs can be filled with water and then when frozen. You can add to your cooler during the summer. It is a way to save on buying ice.
Plus, they last a long time due to their size


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