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Former NFL Star Rod Kush's Huge Mansion to Be Burned Down in Firefighter Training

Oct 12th 2012 3:03PM Excellent idea! As far as the mold is concerned, hard surface, non-porous items can be cleaned free of it.

Bank Sues Couple for Title Typo They Didn't Make

Jan 10th 2012 9:08PM I don't know why BOA is 'suing' unless the Borchers and/or other previous owners are not cooperating or ignoring the need to correct the chain of title. I agree with Ticktin -- the Borchers and the others need to sign the quit claim deeds -- they no longer own the property, have no interest in it, all the quit claim deed does is establish that on record. No big deal. I'm really curious if BOA is suing or if the attorneys seeking to clear the title are threatening to sue if the previous owners don't sign the quit claim deeds. Everyone in this has a responsiblity -- the owners should not have signed deeds without making sure the legal description was correct no matter who prepared the instrument, but as they did, they need to sign off and clear the title. Everyone makes mistakes. Fix it.

50 Cent Wants Buy His Conn. Estate

Oct 29th 2011 2:56PM Gorgeous. Very tasteful. Maybe verges on the edge of too big for intimacy's sake, but if you have a large entourage or a huge family....

Hillary Duff Lists L.A.-Area Home, Again

Sep 13th 2011 9:19PM Wow. That's a seriously gorgeous house. Not crazy in love with the kitchen, but most of the rest of it is yummy. Good luck to them.

Flip-Flop Feet: How to Defeat Foot Cooties and Flaunt Sexy Toes

Aug 9th 2011 12:00PM This is a great shoe. Seriously, I've bought them for more than twenty years. If we must wear flip flops, at least be comfortable. And as Navee says, they're machine washable and made in the USA. And recyclable.

Confused Giraffe Is Confused

Aug 7th 2011 4:26PM I agree that this is sad. Artist must have really gotten the acacia (?) leaves right for the giraffe to even pick up on it. These animals should not be confined in such a small area. Hopefully, they are only in here while their much, much, much bigger natural habitat is being cleaned.

It Happened Last Night: Hailee Steinfeld

Jul 20th 2011 3:51PM Couldn't agree more. She looks terrific, age appropriate, very classy.

Princess Diana at Age 50: Newsweek's Computer-Generated Image

Jun 28th 2011 10:02PM I have to agree, Bill. I feel sure the people responsible meant no disrespect, rather I think it was a tribute and a labor of love. She's still 'with us', in our thoughts and our hearts. Thanks, Newsweek.

Nicole Kidman Stuns on CMT Awards Red Carpet

Jun 9th 2011 12:37AM Got it backwards -- shoes are fabulous on her pretty legs, but that dress needs to be cut off at the hips, hemmed and used as a top. Yikes. And what the heck is she doing wearing velour in June? I'd get it if she were 'down under' where it's cold right now, but not here. Do love the shoes.

Video: Cyclist hit by car and lands on feet

May 26th 2011 9:24PM I have watched this thing ten times, and here's what I see. The cyclist starts off when the walk light changes in his favor. The light is red in the WRONG direction for the cross light to have changed. The light had to have been green for the traffic coming from the right of the cyclist as the car that hit him was certainly not alone in moving through the light and her lane was moving clear which means she was not in the wrong. Neither was the cyclist as far as the walk light was concerned. So! Either a mess of drivers were running the light or the walk light was timed incorrectly which MIGHT be the point of the video. Either way. Stupid maneuver.


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