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Kerosene Heaters

Apr 26th 2010 9:48PM Until you can get a replacement part you can use one of those long candle flame things... I used to do that when I had one of these heaters.

The Daily Fix: Remove Crayon Stains Around the House

Apr 20th 2010 5:44PM Or you can just get a can of aeresol hair spray... It also removes ink stains in men's shirt pockets.

Get the Best of Pests for Less? -- Savings Experiment

Jan 29th 2010 2:41PM Just don't over feed the cat, or they get fat and too lazy to chase them. I had a cat once, who didn't eat them, just chased them and after they were caught, I guess they died of a heart attack, then the cat would walk away and leave it where it sat.

Beauty Queen Goes Bald - Miss Virginia Pulls a Sinéad O'Connor!

Sep 28th 2009 4:46PM Miss VA,,, shaving your head did NOT take away from your beauty,,, It also proves you are not a vain person, because a womans hair is important to the woman... You still look gorgeous...

NCBA gives the sundae a meaty makeover

Apr 14th 2006 12:17AM This is great,,,, so what it looks like Ice cream that is what kids like,,, and some kids really need an incentive to "chow down" on the good stuff.


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