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Does your passport photo still look like you?

Jun 7th 2011 5:01PM They all look alike just like those african people.

Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels: A New Twist on Success

Jun 2nd 2011 4:12PM i hope they have a good agreement so when she divorces him he won't end up broke.

Glenn Beck's Next Act? Launching Discount Deals Site

May 30th 2011 9:34AM I just killed a snake in my yard

Iowa School Principal Delivers Birthday Spankings to Students

May 28th 2011 10:24AM when i was young we would punch each other on the arm the number of years you were old on your birthday. It was just fun no one got hurt and no one heard of PTSD. PTSD is a term made up by lawyers trying to suck money from the government.

Facebook, PayPal Entrepeneur Pays Kids to Drop Out of College

May 27th 2011 4:51PM We should pay a bunch of the inner city kids to drop out of elementary school so that others could lear. These kids will just be going to jail anyway.

'Genderless' Baby Raises a Storm of Controversy

May 26th 2011 5:27PM the kid is probably both and they cannot decide which parts to use or leave both of them

The Next Big Idea? SuiteArrival, Toiletries Delivery for Travelers

May 7th 2011 11:20AM i travel 3 days a week and have no problem packing my stuff however I know girls have so much s.....t

Low-Alcohol Booze: The Next Big Thing?

Apr 30th 2011 8:38AM This is like they did with the 1# bag of coffee which is now 11 ounces and all the other things they made smaller. This will appeal to all the idiots that drink 2% milk and light beer. If you want those things just buy the real thing and add water which is all the producer does.

Be real stupid and buy bottled water.

Should Companies Have Dress Codes?

Apr 24th 2011 10:16AM our grandson has stringy long hair and a stupid looking little beard and cannot understand why he does not get promoted in his company. They have even told him they will not take him on client meetings because of his appearance but he still doesn't get it. DUH I am a nudist and am thinking of turning my office into a no clothes zone. Only the receptionist will wear clothes and our customers never come back into the offices or the shop. Some employees may quit if I do this but I think most will stay since they know i'm a nudie and many have asked about it.

Should Companies Have Dress Codes?

Apr 23rd 2011 9:02AM i like to work naked


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