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What You Do to Annoy Your Dog

Mar 16th 2011 2:51PM Amazing how uninformed some people are - actually - sad. I wonder if you realize how much work has gone into this individuals books and choice of career. Yes, career...

What's the Ideal Age Difference in a Romantic Relationship?

Mar 17th 2010 1:13PM My husband is 10 yrs older than me. Our relationship has not been the happiest, even though we have been together 23 years. He treats me like a child at times, he tends to assume that he has more life experience combined with growng up in a different era, making him more knowledgable on well just about anything we talk about. I am an educated professional who resents being treated like one of our children. He will talk to them (son 18, daughter 22) just like he talks to me. Also, he has health issues and I have been his caregiver for several years. When entering into a relationship with an older person (no matter which), health issues should be considered. That is the positive thing about being close in age. It would have been nice to "grow old togther" instead of watching as he gets older and his health deteriorates which in turn has a huge negative impact on the relationship we once had. I miss just having someone to hold me close. He has not slept in the bedroom for almost 10 years now. His choice - not mine. He has changed as he has aged too. So, it just comes down to the individuals involved. I do not believe there is a "rule" that one can go by. Good luck and Good Health to all couples ou there - no matter what ages you may be.

Unusual Uses: Digital Cameras - 22 Clever Uses

Mar 13th 2010 12:13PM All ideas good although seveal were fairly obvious and I would hope any person of aveage intelligence could think of what to do in those circumstances. eg: Photos of home items: I took photos of every room in our home in Ormond Beach, Fl (including closeup detail) years ago when the state had the massive fire emergency. However, I used my 35 mm camera, as digital cameras were not on the market yet! So, I think a few ideas are pretty much common sense.

But yes its good to remind everyone now and again. :)

What Is Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein?

Mar 9th 2010 8:11PM Now, that was informative. Thank you. Sincerely.

What Is Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein?

Mar 9th 2010 7:59PM EVERYTHING IS KILLING US !!! Name it, time, lack of time, money, lack of money, cars, airplanes, GUNS, neighbors, and the list goes on and on.....

In fact, just reading this has caued my blood pressure to rise 20 pts. LOLOL

"If it's not one thing it's another!"

Jeff and Susan Bridges: A Swooning Moment at the SAG Awards

Jan 27th 2010 10:38AM I wasn't glued to the screen so I missed the lip lock. But, was this lip lock long and sexual or just a light closed mouth kiss for the benefit of the audience? And it seems from what I have read and seen that his wife has nothing to fear my dear Kathy. Don't pick apart every little thing that you no doubt have no knowledge of whatsoever anyway. For all we know the entire thing could be a charade for publicity sake. What in the world would fans/observers really know anyway? Everyone just believe whatever is important for you to believe and make you happy. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors....

Mother Admits She Doesn't Love Her Daughter

Jan 23rd 2009 11:58AM I can relate to the child. My mother told me when I was very young that she never wanted me. She tried to have a miscarrage. She left me with my grandparents for a couple of years but wouldnt let them adopt me. Someone else wanted me also but she said no. I never felt loved and when my mother had a son that she adored it was so obvious to everyone that I was at best second. I grew up that way. When my mother died a terrible death from pancreatic cancer at the age of 63 I felt that she was being punished for the harm she had done. There is a lot more that I am leaving out because it is too much to write. She was not a loving mother at all. I survived but at a cost that even now at 50 years old I cannot come to terms with. Save the child. Save all the children. There are so many people who should not reproduce at all....

Best Videos of the Week, 1/4/08: Family

Jan 5th 2008 12:58PM This is something I imagine all parents do. I remember being allowed to sit and drive (try to turn the wheel and feel big) on my Granpa's lap. If anyone noticed there also didn't seem to be any seat belts in the side of this vehicle so the child in this case is safer on his Dad's lap with protective arms holding him. Also it isn't like he is 6 mos old either. Put it in perspective TMZ

Toyota and Nintendo Team Up for "Elderly-Friendly" Car

Jan 1st 2008 11:22AM I cannot believe there is a person (Christie) that ignorant. I think the best thing for all of us at all ages young, middle, and elderly would be if that person should just "drop off" was that the way she put it? NOW. Why wait until she is old. Any individual with the lack of brains she has should not be taking up space and God help everyone if she should reproduce. I mean this in the very best way. Thanks for reading.

Toyota and Nintendo Team Up for "Elderly-Friendly" Car

Jan 1st 2008 9:48AM Would this prevent elderly drivers from pullung across an empty lane and right into the side of your car as you are attempting to drive by? This is what happened to me. The elderly person did not even see me driving in that lane. I believe their attention was focused on looking to make sure there were no cars coming and they for got to look into the lane they were going to pull into. Twice has this happened to me recently.


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