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Mother Raising Her Own Voice Over Restaurant's Ban on Screaming Kids

Sep 11th 2010 12:33AM @TomG...sadly your are COMPLETELY WRONG! You can very much TEACH a child w/autism...and it is all about behavior!
We have a child w/autism. "They" said he had the most severe form of autistm...Kanner's Syndrome. We wrote grants...and hired behavior/educational therapists. So now the child that "they" the "medical establishment" told us would need to be institutionalized, would never toilet on his own, would never speak is now part of the gifted program in a public school w/no aide. SUCCESS!!! We FOUGHT for him...we TAUGHT him, and we PARENTED our autistic son! We did what was required to help him be part of society as much as he can tolerate. he can go to restaurants! When he is over stimulated he knows how to communicate this to us, so we can leave w/out a melt down. This is possible w/all autistic individuals. They can ALL be taught. Yes, they will succeed at different levels...but they can all be TAUGHT appropriate behaviors! Repetition and LOVE is the key to make it work.

Mother Raising Her Own Voice Over Restaurant's Ban on Screaming Kids

Sep 11th 2010 12:25AM @POV
I am the mother of a child w/autism. Just because he has autism does not mean that others should experience his "melt-downs". That is just silly and would be very selfish and egotistical of me to expect. Why should other people have their meals ruined just because I happen to have a child w/a disability. We TEACH our son. Individuals w/ALL levels of autism CAN LEARN! And they can also manipulate. They are NOT stupid. In fact, I have to wonder if Kelly the mother in this story is NOT listening to her son? Maybe he doesn't even WANT to go to a restaurant? Why force him? Maybe the lights, sounds, smells etc set him off? This would be typical for a child w/autism. In fact, by FORCING him to stay in the restaurant she could even be victimizing her own child??? He has a disability right? He has autism right? So just MAYBE she is causing him PAIN by forcing him to stay in a restaurant while he screams??? Wonder if she ever thought about that. I looked at her profile and it made me sad. I could tell instantly it wasn't even about her was about her need for attention. She wants to complain about something. She wants society to NOTICE she has a child w/autism. Well...sadly society doesn't want to experience his scream...and maybe his screams are directed at her to get him the heck out of a restuarant that he may not even be able to handle. Maybe we need to look at this story in a new light???

Mother Raising Her Own Voice Over Restaurant's Ban on Screaming Kids

Sep 11th 2010 12:11AM Love the Out of Sync Child! Good comments! :0)
I also have a child w/autism and I would remove him from the restaurant.

Mother Raising Her Own Voice Over Restaurant's Ban on Screaming Kids

Sep 11th 2010 12:07AM Kelly...I am also the mother of an autistic son...but I firmly disagree w/your stance which is my privilege. We use social stories, "mock restaurant experiences, and many other varied autism therapies which WORK! If your son cannot conduct himself appropriately in a restaurant he should not go in. Children w/autism can also be manipulative. If you are not firm w/them consistently they will control you. It is also not societies job to listen to your son in public. Sorry to be so blunt, but I can be since I also have a child w/autism. When our son could not conduct himself appropriately in a restaurant we left. If we wanted to go to a restaurant we hired RESPITE services. If he was doing a good job staying quiet in the restaurant we STAYED! Common sense Kelly. It's time to realize that you can't use your son's autism as an excuse to punish other people. Enjoy his strengths and gifts...and if he doesn't do well in a restaurant...well maybe it's not the best place for him? Maybe he doesn't even WANT to be there??? So why are you forcing others to experience his melt downs? Just silly and disrespectful to other patrons.

SmackDown: Should a Kid Be Allowed to Scream at a Restaurant?

Sep 10th 2010 11:45PM Our son is autistic. We did not go to restaurants when he couldn't handle it. We taught him at home FIRST w/social stories (if you don't know what that means google it), we also set up pretend restaurant visits w/examples of the menu and how an order would be taken. We even brought home the exact food from the restaurants we planned to go to in the future. Basically, we prepared him, so he would not be over stimulated and "surprised" by the experience. This is what you do w/autism therapies...but it also works w/"typical" children. You PREPARE a child/adult so that they can interact appropriately in society in a situation that may not come naturally to them. Preparing them w/this structure also allows them to feel comfortable and know what will happen in this new experience. You work out the kinks first. If there is something that we call an "oops" moment...and the child/individual melts down then you remove that individual from the restaurant. You might just have to try again another time. This is not a failure, just a chance to learn. People who go to restaurants are paying to have a meal served to them and are NOT paying to experience screaming for any reason. They should expect this and they deserve this. Having said's true that "other" people can cry DISCRIMINATION because there are laws to protect people w/disabilities. In this case I think it's ridiculous. I don't think a discrimination law applies here. What applies here is COMMON SENSE!!! Even though I am a parent of a child who has a disability I work/teach my child first, so that a restaurant experience can be enjoyable by ALL parties. That is my responsibility as a parent. I should PARENT my own child. Why in the world should I subject others to screaming so no one can enjoy the meals they paid for? If someone thinks I should sit there and listen to their child scream while I try to eat...I think they are very egotistical and must thing the world revolves around them. I think it's ridiculous that "typical" children are permitted to run amuck in a restaurant because their parents are UNWILLING to supervise and discipline them. (And don't give me the excuse that they "can't".) That is just pure and simple laziness! I KNOW since teaching an autistic child is much more difficult to do than teaching a typical child. BTW...I'm also a teacher, so I can assert this statement as fact! If I can do it w/ a child who has been born w/a disability by taking the time to be a PARENT then they can do it. But sadly, there are just so many self centered people who feel that it's okay and acceptable to remain in a restaurant w/their unruly children who have never been trained how to conduct themselves appropriately in a restaurant. Children CAN be trained how to act appropriately. PARENTS can take responsibility to be PARENTS!'s not the screaming child's fault...IT'S THEIR PARENTS who are the rude ones. They are lazy. TEACH your CHILD MANNERS or LEAVE the restaurant! This world if so full of people who feel they are ENTITLED to everything. Sadly, learning manners and having common courtesy for your neighbors(people at tables nearby) show how egotistical people are in this society. When I go out to a restaurant I want to enjoy a quiet meal. I'm spending good money to sit down and be served. If my son cannot conduct himself appropriately, then he will not come to the restaurant end of story! Common sense people! If you have a baby that does not do well at a restaurant...then it's not yet time to bring that child to a restaurant. Guess you'll have to order take out until that child is old enough and TRAINED/TAUGHT how to eat in restaurant. Eating in a restaurant is a PRIVILEGE!

SmackDown: Should a Kid Be Allowed to Scream at a Restaurant?

Sep 10th 2010 3:56PM Our son is autistic. We would remove him when he had one of his "meltdowns". Just because he is autistic and there may be discrimination laws...there is also common courtesy and logic. We will always LOVE our son...but we don't have to share his screaming w/others just because a law says we can. There is the "spirit" of the law and in this instance I agree w/the no screaming sign. I know that I would go to the restaurant w/the no sceaming sign if I had respite for our son. It would be such a treat to go somewhere that I knew would uphold the peace and quiet to enjoy a meal. Then I would go pick up our son and be refreshed and be much more relaxed to share love w/my child who has a disability. There is no reason to "share" screaming w/others no matter what.

The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 4th 2010 12:13AM for those who think dryer sheets are non-toxic THINK AGAIN! The chemicals used in those sheets are very poisonous! They're poisonous to HUMANS! (not just the mosquitos) So even if they "did" work...I wouldn't touch them at all! (or use them in the dryer...YUCKY chemicals!!!)

How to break into a hotel room with a rubber band

Apr 14th 2010 12:50PM This article is good to increase awareness, so you can then protect yourself even better again what a criminal might be able to do. There are many ways to protect yourself if you know what a criminal might be able to do. You can set up other safeguards to defeat would be criminals. For those who travel a great deal there are many safety gadgets you can buy relatively inexpensively. Magellan, Improvements, and Solutions offer some innovative ways to further protect yourself. The gadgets are small and easy to pack.

Also bear in mind that better hotels usually offer better protection. I can't remember the last time I stayed in a hotel with a "chain" type lock. The hotels I stay in use those hinged heavy duty additional type locks. Maybe there is a way to defeat those locks too..but they can't be kicked in or opened with a rubberband. Also you must remember that "layers" of protection and simple COMMON SENSE are your best protection! So many people just do not think when they travel...and they set themselves up for problems. Criminals watch, wait, and then plan to get the easiest targets. Remember what you do even when you are outside of your hotel room. You will be read like a book...and assessed as a target. Make sure you don't look like a target. Also opt to not have room service enter your room during your stay. Just get your towels and toiletries at the desk. That reduces the time your room is open allowing others to come in. I mean well do you "know" the cleaning staff personally? Are they really thinking about how long your door is open when they clean your room? Will they even notice a would be criminal slipping in the room? I mean seriously use COMMON SENSE!

Time to Clean Up

Sep 21st 2007 10:41PM I LOVE my VITAVAC. It may be heavy..built to last...but it is a powerhorse of a vacuum. It has a very thick HEPA bag...that doesn't allow any particles to get out in your air. In fact it can be used to filter your air if I remember correctly(I've had it since 1991) I think I remember something in the instructions about reversing the air suction and it cleans your air. (Don't hold me to that since I've never tried it...LOL) The one I bought was refurbished(I wanted to save some money) and I've never had to have it repaired. It was a great investment considering we have 6 cats...(and it doesn't even flinch at vacuuming cat litter or loads of hair....) Maverick


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