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Tim Dickinson

Tim Dickinson

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Pet mishap marinade: using vinegar to remove stubborn odors

Oct 30th 2007 11:13AM While I can't speak to Lori's experience I'd like to make it clear that vinegar doesn't make odors disappear it releases them from the things their stuck to. Carpet is the trickiest surface for removing odors because it's devilishly hard to suck the stink out. I use a small wet/dry vacuum that I keep in the house for just such occasions. (Hey, I have 5 cats and a dog!) I usually go through about a half gallon of warm/hot water per spot on the carpet. Just pouring some on then suck it out and repeat. A carpet exractor works great too. It is possible to extract it with towels but plan on using a lot of towels to make sure you really get it flushed up and out.


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