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Pat Farrar

Pat Farrar

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Peyton Manning and Wife Welcome Twins

Apr 8th 2011 1:20PM First children after 9 years and its twins? Doesn't sound like an accident.

Bret Michaels Undergoing Surgery to Repair a Hole in His Heart

Jan 24th 2011 9:25PM Knew he was to have the surgery in January. Does this mean he had it done today?

Majority of Americans Believe Pets Have Psychic Powers

Jan 17th 2011 11:20AM Siezure Alert dogs have been mentioned. I 've also read that scientists have been studying early cancer detection by dogs. We know they can help relieve high blood pressure and depression. They are great comforters. Psychic? Probably not. But they can be quite helpful medically. I trust mine as character judges,too. If my dogs dislike someone, I'll be doubly suspicious of them . As dog show participants know, it works the other way,too. A nervous handler transmits their tension down the leash , causing the dog to have a poor showing.

'Ozzie and Harriet' Star David Nelson Dies

Jan 12th 2011 11:07AM I had a brother 2 years older than me. One of my earliest memories is of us playing and pretending to be David and Ricky!As the younger, I was always Ricky, even though I was a girl. With seniority, my big brother got to be David. If he was 74, that means they were about 10 years older than us, since I'm now 64. We identified with them as the only child celebrities we knew about. My big brother and his little one are long gone. Its sad being the last of your family. At least both he and Rick had children to carry on.

New Book - 'Dog, Inc.' Covers the Inside Story of Cloning Man's Best Friend

Jan 4th 2011 2:38PM Much as I love my dogs, I've always gotten them neutered to make sure there were no unwanted or homeless puppies, so cloning would be lunacy. As Amanda said there are too many in sheltersneedeing good homes to consider adding to their number. Besides, the article says they can't clone the personality and that's what makes one truly unique from others.

Two 'Dancing' Divas: Did Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin Ruin 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Dec 22nd 2010 3:17PM It didn't ruin the show for me. I'll be backnext season;, But it certainly destroyed any credibility they may have had. obviously, the judges award points based on ratings rather than dance skills. I'm not sure they even bother counting the votes. TTheir voting system seems to have become as skewed as American Idol's.

'Narnia: Dawn Treader' Barely Treads Water, Wins Weak Box Office

Dec 13th 2010 3:40PM I guess its good that a few people still have enough disposable income to splurge on going to the movies. Its been about 5 years since I last saw one before it was on DVD. My timing isn't so bad. I certainly won't be adding any of these losers to my rent list on Netflix. Well, maybe "Tangled".

'Terriers' Canceled by FX (Update: FX President John Landgraf Speaks)

Dec 7th 2010 1:20PM I saw the dog commercials,too. I live in a western suburb of Atlanta (Lovely Atlanta) Does that qualify as West L A? I'm a dog lover,but had no notion of what the show would be about; still, I fell in love with it a few episodes in. I'm accustomed to seeing shows I enjoy get cancelled, but its still sad to see the good ones go.

'The Sing-Off' Season Premiere: Viral Video Stars Do Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' (VIDEO)

Dec 7th 2010 12:59PM Love this show. Too bad I missed the first season. The High School group is less polished than the others, but all ae surprisingly good. I expect them to go soon.

'Dancing With the Stars' Winner: Who Won the Season 11 Finale?

Nov 24th 2010 12:41PM Predictable winner, for sure. I guessed that in week 1, although my votes went elsewhere. The other 2 finalists weren't predictable at all in the early rounds. At least one of my 3 initial favorites,Kyle, was there to give me someone to support. Except for the Bristol fiasco eliminating my real fave,Kurt, along with several other better dancers, I thoroughly enjoyed the season. I hope they are done with polititions. They have yet to find one who can dance.


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