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Five reasons why it's cool to like NCIS

Nov 18th 2008 4:51PM I think NCIS has gained in popularity due to the fact that it is aired several times on cable channel USA.

Not only does Gibbs buy Abbie Big Gulps, but he's usually drinking a big coffee. Could Abby be Jethro's AA sponsor?

Grant Show and the porno moustache

Aug 4th 2008 9:44PM Why doesn't the Lifetime cable channel pick up Swingtown? It would be a perfect fit for their demographic and they could probably get by with a little more on cable.

That Middleman season just got a little shorter

Jul 25th 2008 4:43PM I like this show, but wouldn't it reach a better audience on the SciFi channel?

10 things you should have in your trunk - it could save your life this winter

Dec 12th 2007 9:36PM I would add a whistle and an old CD (mirror) to use for signalling.

Talk Talk: Jerry Seinfeld, Ben Affleck, Steve Carell, Spoon

Oct 19th 2007 4:23PM Is it just me, or are those TV 'juniors' promos for Jerry Seinfeld's bee movie stupid and not funny?

Ugly Betty: Family/Affair

Oct 6th 2007 7:02PM Did I miss something somewhere? Wasn't Santos alive in the season opener? He had bandages, but apparently survived the shooting. What happened?


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