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Dad Who Stormed Bus Apologizes for Some Actions

Sep 21st 2010 8:25PM I wonder if any of the bullies did / will apologize.

13-Year-Old Fights for Grandfather's Life on Facebook

Aug 17th 2010 11:30AM Below is what appears on WMATA's website to job applicants. I'd advise applicants to think about the "pension" part and consider it potential icing only, not something to count on when they need it. I'd say the same to applicants for many jobs at many concerns!

"Metro Worklife:
As a leader in the transportation industry, Metro strives to attract and retain top-quality staff to ensure high-quality service to our customers. One way Metro achieves this goal is by providing a worklife that fosters the motivation and enthusiasm necessary to succeed. Metro offers its employees an excellent comprehensive benefits package, career development opportunities, pension plan, educational benefits, state-of-the-art technology, and much more."

Baby's Life Saved After Holes in Brain Plugged With 'Super Glue'

Jul 19th 2010 8:02PM Laura, your remark is both unkind and ignorant. Not only is it untrue, but you say "most" and then "all." Clearly you demonstrate no thinking--on several counts.

Mel Gibson's Next Bombshell: Rehab?

Jul 16th 2010 4:26PM Who'll be the next young doofette who wants to make a baby with this wingnut?

M.I.A. Named Debut Album After Father to End Estrangement

Jun 15th 2010 12:08AM Goodness, you expect well-written articles on aol?
With pertinent titles? Dream on!

With Heavy Hearts, Cavaliers Play On

May 16th 2010 11:11AM Perhaps hers is a family name. However, the fact that she had a name that bothers you evidently didn't keep her from being a talented, happy and kind person, by available reports.

Cathedral of Junk Altered During Latest Effort to Avoid Destruction

Apr 13th 2010 6:31AM Bring it to the AVAM in Baltimore.

Sarah Palin Inks Deal for Alaska-Themed Television Show

Mar 23rd 2010 6:35PM I think TV is a better medium for her than government is.

Florida's Broward County Officials Take a Stand Against BofA

Mar 16th 2010 9:15PM As for you, Aol., after all the time you took revamping the comments section, you didn't even bother to put in a recaptcha tool to stop spam. :-P~~~

Florida's Broward County Officials Take a Stand Against BofA

Mar 16th 2010 8:06PM Maybe it's no big deal to BofA, but it's good for Broward to send such a public message--and maybe set a precedent.


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