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DIY Warrior: How to Clean an Oscillating Fan

Jun 30th 2010 12:17PM Can't help but wonder how long it took to clean that $15 fan..... Good job though...

Firmware 2.0.1 breaks PwnageTool, could render iPhone 3G un-unlockable

Aug 5th 2008 7:56AM Ok I'm sorry... what the hell is a baseband and what's wrong with it being overwritten? Wikipedia just has an article on modulated frequencies or something and I have no idea what that has to do with firmware.

Apple to offer limited 3rd party iPhone app support?

Oct 8th 2007 12:34PM I'm not a developer, but couldn't someone create a certified framework within which uncertified programs could run? i.e. the iPhone developer community pitches in to pay for a certification for the "Fudgit Engine" which you can install through normal means, but once you have installed the Fudgit Engine, you can run any number of open-source apps within it? Proceeds from the purchase of the Fudgit Engine on iTMS could go to sponsor open-source app development. Just an idea.


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