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Hillbilly How-to: Practical uses for your old computer pieces

Oct 10th 2007 10:32AM On a normal day, yes, that's what I do (fix old computers and give them to friends and family who don't have one, or have an older one). I had one woman who was either ready to marry me or cry when I gave her one for her daughter. I've never been told so many times how good of a guy I am. She told my girlfriend at the time (she was in the car when I dropped it off) to "hold onto this one."

I'm not tooting my own horn here, just making the point that sometimes small gestures can make a huge difference to someone. I even very heavily customized the computer to restrict her daughter's account, while creating and password protecting the admin account for her mother, so she can keep the computer clean and useable for her daughter.

Lesson: Do good where you can, but don't knock creativity for the sake of creativity.

This is a funny article, and all we need to do is help spread a good message at the same time, so thanks Brian.


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