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Eileen Diggle

Eileen Diggle

Member Since Oct 16th, 2007

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Woman sits in urine soaked airplane seat

Dec 21st 2007 6:46PM When I got to my seat on a plane from Boston to Florida, there was a blanket wrapped around my seat cushion. When I lifted the blanket, it was obvious that the seat cushion was covered with vomit. I reported it to the flight attendant, and was told that they woud switch it "if" there was another seat cushion available - otherwise they would "put a blanket" over it. I said, that if they did not switch the cushion, the flight attendendant could sit there, and I would take her seat! Can you imagine the germs - yuck! Anyway, the did manage to find another cushion before the plane took off.

New Uses for Old Phone Books

Oct 15th 2007 4:29PM As a math teacher with too few resources..I reuse the sheets of plastic used on the overhead projector in class. The marker ink washes off easily under a faucet in the teachers' room. Then, I place each sheet between separate pages of the old phone book to dry them and keep them apart for their next use.


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