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Bob Furr

Bob Furr

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Denver HOA Looks to Ban Sidewalk Chalk Art

Jun 11th 2012 7:34PM Somehow it looks like folks there have lost touch with what it means to be a "neighborhood". The only good associations are the ones that are formed for social reasons and who specifically have no ability to enforce silly rules like this. Frankly if they do this I would become thier worst nightmare with learning the rules and then calling in EVERY violation and lots that wasnt a violation but might be. That by itself will drive down values as folks bail out of a community that doesnt let them have a light out on the outside of the house, clean their car in the driveway or limit the kinds of plants in a front yard.

HOA Forces Family to Remove Disabled Child's 'Therapy Home'

Dec 17th 2011 8:12AM I sent the following to Mr Stamper. It was easy to track down the email addresses for him and the other members of his association.

To be honest as a parent of children who have disabilities I am disgusted with the stance your association made on the issue of the play house. The lack of sensitivity to an issue covered by the Americans With Disabilities Act is both upsetting and a call to action.

I have been on the board for my home owners association here in Omaha and have fought this kind of nonsense for years. You and your board should be ashamed of your actions and are the reason that so many people do not like living in a neighborhood that has an association. The damage done to the social fabric of a neighborhood far outweighs the benefits if any of maintaining rules in such a rigid fashion.

In the end the negative publicity may well decrease the value of property in Andover Forest. As custodians of that role have to balance the value of the social part of a neighborhood association against the value of rigid enforcement of rules. I wish you well but know in my heart that the direction you have taken is not only wrong but morally indefensible.
Bob Furr

What not to do on your safari

May 3rd 2011 1:37PM This reminds me of the guy in Alaska that ended up eaten by bears....

Would You Drive A Car Made From Bananas?

Mar 31st 2011 7:01AM Sounds like an April Fools Joke... how you get 100 pounds out of one pound is the giveaway.

Turban Road Test: We Hit the NYC Streets

Mar 25th 2011 7:39PM Oh good grief... reading some of these comments... turbans are from India and worn by folks that are not even muslim...

Energy Absorbing Gel Destined for Your Next Car

Jan 19th 2011 9:08PM It sure looks like and acts like corn starch and silicone oil... not sure how it will save weight in a car unless you are the nutty professor from Disney....

Mom Defends Son's 'Daphne' Halloween Costume

Nov 8th 2010 2:22PM Let's see... should I be worried that my son will grow up to be ninja because of how I dressed him for Halloween? OMGosh... and there was that cowboy zombie vampire that showed up at my door! Actually I would probably hire an attorney and file for defamation of character....

Secret Regrets -- If You Could Do One Thing Over, What Would It Be?

Sep 14th 2010 6:56PM Wow... there has to be at least 20 country western songs here...

Artist Builds Backyard Survival Shelter, Homemade Shotgun Robot

Sep 3rd 2010 9:50PM Interesting story... reminds me of my uncle building a very similar fall out shelter out in the country when I was a kid. I understand being prepared but think that this level of publicity only leaves him less safe than just filling his basement with a good pantry quietly. Also if I were law enforcement I would probably visit him on the homemade shotgun set up to automatically fire at the largest target... probably some dumb kid just curious about the nut for a neighbor....

10 Brawling Passengers Kicked Off Carnival Cruise

Aug 19th 2010 1:19AM Bruce... you work for Radisson dont you? I have crusied with Carnival and others and frankly prefered Carnival for the excellent staff and reasonable rates. Yes there are all kinds of folks that cruise anymore but some of the worst behavior I have ever seen was by folks that make more than $100K a year....


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