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New Look of Public Housing Debuts in Milwaukee

Jul 16th 2013 1:05AM It's probably nicer then what I live in and I have a mortgage to pay, and property taxes etc. I'm a widowed Mom of two and I would do whatever it would take not to be in a place like that.

Shane and Carrie Caverly Make Big Plans From Tiny Home

Apr 21st 2013 7:56PM I keep allowing myself to get suckered into reading these silly "articles"
I guess I'm hoping for something to be different, and realistic, but once again it isn't. At $48,ooo most people who are looking for a home can buy a good , used manufactured home or even a trailer. My parents live in AZ in a previously owned manufactured double wide home that several years ago cost them $25K, its wonderful, with 2 bedrrom and 2 baths, nice size kitchen, living room, dining room etc.
These people who live in these silly tiny homes are only fooling themselves,..... add a child or two and there goes the whole idea of living that way.

Man Shames Wife He's Divorcing With Angry Sign Hung on House

Apr 2nd 2013 3:50PM Very childish behavior by both. She had no right to take everything, and he is only showing the child in him. He's a grown man, and should act accordingly. She is a grown woman, and should act accordingly. I am widowed and my husband and I came close to divorce a couple of times, but we worked it out. I'm so glad we did before he passed from colon/liver cancer. We only had 3 weeks from diagnosis until he passed. I say this because I will never understand why people feel the need to behave the way they do causing a divorce.

Hangar Now Serves As A Sunny Escape (PHOTOS)

Feb 21st 2013 2:47PM Where are the 200 rooms?

Hangar Now Serves As A Sunny Escape (PHOTOS)

Feb 21st 2013 2:14PM Hardly "mind blowing". I thought it was obvious. They'll say anything to get you to click on the story. Still, I'm sure the people who choose to go there enjoy themselves. And it must be cheaper going there then to go on a big expensive trip.

Richard and Rachel Lane Turn School Bus Into Energy-Efficient Home

Jan 9th 2013 11:31PM To ray who posted at 9:18 p.m. Did you even put any thought into your post before you typed it? ..... comparing these people in the article to homeless people is ridiculous. These people both have good jobs, with paychecks.They have the ability to live normally.
Please think before you post.

Richard and Rachel Lane Turn School Bus Into Energy-Efficient Home

Jan 9th 2013 7:01PM Yes renter's most certainly do pay for city things like trash, etc. which is included in their rent. I live in a condo area where many of these condos are rentals, and their monthly association fee which includes this type of hting is part of their rent.
This couple in the article are definitly moochers. Wouldn't it be refreshing if these articles told both sides of the story?

Bat Infestation in Stone Mountain, Ga., Apartment Building

Dec 15th 2012 2:32PM
so just call animal control, that's what they are there for. They have the know how and the equipment to take care of it. Wasting time with maintenance workers and construction workers only gives the animal more time to procreate.

'Fairy Tale' Home Is Just Plain Magical (House of the Day)

Oct 27th 2012 12:32AM It's a very pretty home on the outside, but I expected much more on the inside. I did like the staircase tho.The only part of it that is "Fairytale" like is the outside .

Dentist Richard Malouf Builds Backyard Water Park While Charged With Massive Fraud

Oct 10th 2012 12:07AM I understand why what he did to obtain the money to build this, but why would a water park be considered obscene ?!?!? They'll write anything to get people to click on their dumb story.


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