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Medical Journal: Energy Drinks Pose Serious Health Risks to Kids

Jul 28th 2010 1:13AM These energy drinks are bad. But they could use ACT Energy drink no caffiene. You get the energy from the herbs in them. You can read about them at

America's Best (and Most Bizarre) Miniature Golf Courses

Jul 20th 2009 3:45AM We have played the hillbilly golf and the whole family loved it.

Spilling Your Soda Becomes Federal Crime

Sep 23rd 2008 2:18AM I tell you what lets just let everyone come in a ruin the VA hospitals just like her and then you can have all the dirty services there. I was with my father in law at the VA in Lexington KY they were the nices people there and the Doctors were even great to him and he had cancer. He made it through it because they did evrything they could. I told him that he received better care there than in a regular hospital my Sister was in the regular hospital for 6 weeks and they only changed her bed 3 times and her friends made them do that.. My father in laws bed was changed everyday they bathed him everyday. They even called the house when he went home to check on him. What more could you ask for. My Brother is a vet from the Air Force he goes there and he has a lot of health problems and they are very good to him too. She has not respect for the VA to treat it that way.

Spilling Your Soda Becomes Federal Crime

Sep 23rd 2008 1:53AM The cashier doesn't set the prices. When is it going to stop that people can just run over people. She should have poured it out in the machine over flow not on the counter. The money goes to pay for more soda so the vets can get it for FREE.

Spilling Your Soda Becomes Federal Crime

Sep 23rd 2008 1:29AM She could have poured it out in the soda machine's overflo. She did not have to pour it on the counter. This is what is wrong with the World today people get away with anything any more. She was probably a bully in school and she still is. I would have paid it if I had had the money and her cup might have been worth the 3.80. The resturants and ball parks around here would charge more because the cup is bigger. She was at the VA were evrything is free for the patients. They just charged for a soda. Push the charges to the fullest.

Hot Seat: Is Obama Taking Iran Seriously Enough?

May 21st 2008 1:00PM He is not taking it serious. Because he is Muslium and he might know something that the Americans don't everyone is taking it serious. Not the canidates but everyone. They are hurting us now with the oil. 3.95 a gallon this morning. Wake up America

AOL Straw Poll: Jan. 21-28

Jan 27th 2008 12:43PM Now its the time we have someone who cares about the USA. We need someone with some no how to get us back to living not surviving. We need nee Hillary she does know what everyone needs to live. She has been in the white house she knows what Bill did to help us when he was President. I had a job then and my children did not have to live paycheck to paycheck.

How to de-stinkify your shoes

Oct 28th 2007 3:12PM You can put your shoes in the freezer for a couple of hours or over night this works great.

How to de-stinkify your shoes

Oct 28th 2007 3:07PM You can put them in the freezer. This works very well.

How to de-stinkify your shoes

Oct 28th 2007 3:06PM You can also put them in the freezer. This gets rid of the smell.


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