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Angela Klein

Angela Klein

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New Hunchback Dinosaur Discovered

Sep 10th 2010 8:44AM If you really want to learn about dinosaurs and have a wonderful time doing so visit the Staples Arena in Los Angeles this weekend to check out the Walking With Dinosaur's Show! It's very intertaining and a real learning experience for all! But, hurry they will be extinct just like the real ones come Sunday evening when the show is finished after a 2 year run in the US.

17 alternative uses for toothpaste, from bee stings to cleaning rings

Sep 1st 2010 7:26PM Toothpaste works for fire ant bites better than anything else I've used. It does work for nail holes....just use the white paste....a white mark is less noticable on a light colored wall than a dark hole from where the hole was.

Trend Watch: Gray Walls

Jul 29th 2009 9:46AM Gray walls are great! I was even named after a gray wall. Actually it was my Dad that was named after the gray wall and I was named after him, both are middle names. This was a long time ago as if my dear Daddy were alive he would be 82. My grandmother had just had him and all the kids were sitting around her trying to think of a name, they didn't want a Jr., but wanted the same initials as my grandfather. They needed a "G" name and my aunt looked at the walls and they were gray! Thought I'd pass along a neat story about gray walls! Back to decorating, blues are sometime a hard color to get right in a room, even light blue can be too blue. We painted my daughters room, a light gray and it was the prettiest shade of "blue".

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Jun 19th 2008 9:02PM I have found that Diphenhydramine, generic for Benedryl, works great for me. I had trouble staying asleep, not falling to sleep. This has been a miracle for me....I sleep all night! If you look it up it says it is used as a sleep aid and is not habit forming like so many sleep drugs. It is very cheap, also. I get it at Sam's Club for $3.38 for 400 pills.

How to de-stinkify your shoes

Oct 28th 2007 3:54PM To kill smelly shoe odor put your shoes in a plastic grocery bag then put them in the freezer overnight. This kills the bateria. A chemist told me this. It works!!


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