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American Airlines and JetBlue to Offer In-Flight Wi-Fi

Dec 8th 2007 11:11PM That would be great, and at cost zero even better, it was about time they did something like this.

Donald Trump denies $10,000 tip

Dec 7th 2007 5:38PM I've read that news of the fat tip and thought it was very weird.

Rumormill: Could a MINI coupe be in the cards?

Dec 3rd 2007 5:33PM I don't mind innovations in design, but hat thing has nothing to do with what a mini is supposed to look like.

Mobile Illy in a box

Dec 2nd 2007 9:40PM That really is a great idea, i love the concept of a mobile coffee shop, and coming from Illy the espresso's will definitely be great.

Salt is bad for you (again...probably)

Dec 2nd 2007 9:32PM Salt isn't bad for you, too much of it is, as for everything else. The problem comes from the fact that we add even more salt to foods that are already salted.

Congress considering legislative ban on junk food in schools

Dec 2nd 2007 9:22PM I think it would be a very good idea, promoting healthier foods in schools should have been done a long time ago.

Men: Who is most likely to live to 100?

Nov 27th 2007 12:54PM I think the main reason is that farmers have access to much healthier foods than we do.

Not Eating Out in New York helps you eat in

Nov 27th 2007 12:12PM Those are very good advices not only for the Holiday season, but all year round.

Blabberize: Where the cows say more than moo

Nov 3rd 2007 1:30PM So dumb and funny at the same time.

Remove unwanted browser toolbars with ToolbarCop

Nov 3rd 2007 12:59PM With Firefox is not really needed but with other browsers is pretty useful.


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