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How to clean vinyl siding

Oct 30th 2007 10:59PM Oh this is obviously said by an unprofessional. Anyone that covers their plants with plastic on a hot steamy sun shining day will be employing their local landscaper to install all new plants. Sounds like someone is wanting to cost someone lots of money and headache and make them kill themselves in the process. Obviously again, if your removing mold/mildew from vinyl siding then you are using a product that mold/mildew doesn't like. I would not worry much about mold/mildew getting behind my vinyl from a pressure washer. Since the product removing the mold/mildew is going behind the vinyl IF any water goes behind it at all. A typical water hose uses 10 gal. of water per minute vs. a pressure washer 4 to 5 (gpm) gallon per minute. Which do you think will put more water behind the vinyl?


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