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5 Shortcuts to a Perfect Lawn

May 29th 2010 12:58PM They are PUSHING the mower, not standing on it. To my knowledge that is the only way to actually cut the grass using a push mower. Looks like the man is teaching his son to cut the grass to me.

Madonna 'Collapses': Concern or Concert?

Sep 2nd 2009 5:29PM I don't understand why anyone would have questioned it in the first place. It's OBVIOUS that it's part of the routine. So many of these stories turn out to be fluff once you get past the catchy title. There is no story here.

The new milk jug makes its debut

Jul 1st 2008 2:33PM Ever think they are using "environmentally friendly" as a ploy... this container that causes you to spill milk, use more milk, BUY more milk? These complanies do not do things for the environment... or for you and me.... they do it for the money in their pockets.

Produce storage tips and tricks

Jan 1st 2008 11:39AM Tomatoes and bananas should never go in the fridge... tomatoes get pithy and bananas will turn black and mushy very quickly. I know this from experience and it is also stated in many of my cook books. Never heard of anyone putting bananas in the fridge until this. I've always heard the exact opposite. Perhaps they said it just to get a rise out of those of us who know better. =P

High School Cheerleaders Suspended for Flashing Crowd

Nov 18th 2007 11:19AM This is rediculous. The bloomers are nearly shorts! They have legs in them for goodness sake! They aren't panties. No different than kids wearing shorts and writing something on the back side. The administrator who asked them to stop cheering doesn't seem to know the difference between shorts and underwear. I found nothing offensive about it. As for those people who think the girls should have OBEYED someone's rules... I'm sorry but I don't think anyone should just fall in line with someone else just because THEY think they should. We all, children included, need to be strong enough to know when we're being told a lie and being pushed around and then do what we feel is appropreate. Those girls did just that. Good on them.

Ten ways to help mom get in the mood

Apr 30th 2006 7:48PM Maybe I'm old fashioned (though I'm only in my 30's)but I love a man who does "manly" things... you know, the heavy lifting, using tools, building & fixing things... not pushing a vacuum. I'd love to have help... perhaps taking the kids to soccer practice or help me out when I want to lay that new flagstone path. I feel that a manly man is a sexy man. Put him in an apron and rubber gloves and that's just not sexy to me. Seeing him under the hood of a car doing things I don't understand or doing some other manly project where he is being creative and using his muscle, not afraid of getting dirty and I'm excited! That's a MAN; that turns me on! I enjoy being a woman and doing housework, cooking, etc. I like working in the yard planting flowers and can even put oil in my car... but I would rather my husband do the things we USED to consider "men's work" and that I do what we USED to consider "women's work." It works for me... it worked for people for many years. Back in the "old days," when we knew what our roles were, when women were feminine and men were masculine, when a woman prided herself on how well she kept her house and garden and the care of her children... when men worked hard, looked like men, acted like strong men instead of fashion models who color their hair!... the divorce rates were a lot lower... hmmmm... perhaps they were on to something back then? Something to think about.


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