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Ailing Couple Face Eviction Because Caregiving Son Is Under 55 (Video)

Nov 14th 2013 10:46AM If you move into a subdivision where everyone has to be over a certain age, you better make sure that nothing will happen in your life that will screw that up. HOA's are the worst thing that this country has. Being able to tell your neighbor what they can and cannot do is just wrong, especially since you are not paying anything for your neighbor's house. Every subdivision our local commissioners approve say they must have a "mandatory" HOA. Absolutely ridiculous.

Retired Marine's Multi-Use Garage Sparks Controversy in Dearborn

Jul 3rd 2013 10:42PM Gee, I'm happy for you, but there is a fairly good chance that nobody cares. Of course, you are probably computer-oriented and don't have any feelings. But I do so hope you short circuit yourself.

Ricardo Cerezo, Facing Eviction, Finds $4.85 Million Lottery Ticket

May 18th 2013 9:45PM I still don't understand why people don't check their lottery tickets. Why buy them if you aren't going to check them? There was a $71M Powerball ticket sold here in Georgia a couple of years ago that was never turned in. How would you feel if you "found" that ticket after the deadline to turn it in? But I am happy for this guy. Pure luck that it didn't get thrown out.

American Dream of ... Renting? Survey Finds Shifting Attitudes Toward Homeownership

Apr 8th 2013 10:28AM My house was foreclosed on last year due to a job loss and I know that I will never buy another home unless I win the lottery and can pay cash. I did everything I could to save my house, but a renter who didn't pay rent for four months and managed to do a lot of damage made that impossible. By the time all of that happened, I came to hate the house. If you have kids, I think it's a good idea to own a home, but single people should stick to renting unless they are 100% financially secure.

Homeowner Susie Salazar Loses Insurance Policy Over Pit Bull

Mar 23rd 2013 1:57PM First, she probably got something in the mail or it was somewhere in her policy about the dog types that were prohibited. Most of us don't read everything we get. Second, I was surprised that, in 2011, over 1/3 of all homeowner claims were due to dog bites. Over 1/3. Who knew?

Reverse Mortgages Pose Big Risks for Seniors, Warn Attorneys and U.S. Officials

Dec 9th 2012 9:40PM That's easy to say, but my parents had our house built back in the late 1960's and they have lived in it since that time. They did a reverse mortgage a couple of years ago, and even though I didn't really agree with it, it was their house. My father passed away in March and luckily my mom's name was on the papers. I moved in with her and unless I have the money to pay off the loan when she either has to move out or passes away, I won't have a home. But my parents lived a good life, so I'm not worried. I just think that reverse mortgages should be used only as a last resort. They may say you still own your home, but you don't.

Atheist Patrick Greene, Who Threatened to Sue Over Courthouse Nativity Scene, Sparks New Controversy

Nov 24th 2012 6:27PM Well, he had absolutely no problem accepting what I assume was money from the Christians, and he wrote Merry Christmas on his sign, so I think he's being a little hypocritical. It's just fine to accept money from people you don't agree with, but let them do one simple thing that you don't agree with and you will sue. Give it a break.

Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick Angers Hamptons Neighbors With Hedge Blocking Views

Oct 14th 2012 2:58PM It's his property. His neighbors fought against him building a barn on HIS property. I would try, in some way, to punish them too. We have reached a point in this country where, even though you are paying the mortgage, we are letting our neighbors decide what we can and cannot do. That needs to stop.

Romney's and Obama's Housing Policies: Why the Candidates Seem Reluctant to Go There

Oct 3rd 2012 9:28PM I'm glad to finally read an article that tells it like it really is. The housing market is the main reason for this recession. People buying more than they could afford on adjustable rate mortgages. Mortgage companies raising those rates to a point where people could not afford their payments because they bought more than they could afford. Nobody forced them to do that. I don't care how good something looks, if you make $60,000 a year, don't buy a $200,000 house. And we can add the credit card companies to the mix too. For some reason they decided to lower people's limits to basically what they owed which hurt their credit (happened to me). I lost my job in December of 2009 and since I still haven't found a job, I've lost my house (which I paid $60,000 for) and my credit has tanked. My American Dream is dead, but there is still hope for other people.

Romney's and Obama's Housing Policies: Why the Candidates Seem Reluctant to Go There

Oct 3rd 2012 9:18PM Nobody forced those people to buy those houses they couldn't afford. I am so tired of everybody blaming everybody except the people who bought the houses they couldn't afford. On adjustable rate mortgages. I'm not super intelligent, but even I know that ARMs are not a good idea when they don't have a cap.


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