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Can Thrift Store Clothing Give You Scabies?

Dec 22nd 2010 12:59PM I was under the impression the Thrift Shops, especially Goodwill laundered and cleaned all donatred clothes before selling the. Am I right?

When Warranties Are a Waste -- Savings Experiment

Dec 2nd 2010 1:32PM What about Auto Warrenty????????????????????

Undercover Boss Steven Foster Gets Lucky

Nov 15th 2010 10:29PM A GREAT show...full of honesty and emothions. I will watch every Undercover Bosss episode. This one was special; and sincere with truly emotional parts. A very GREAT and entertaining show.

Crate & Barrel Names Same-Sex Winners in Ultimate Wedding Contest

May 30th 2010 3:21PM That article was well written and so in with the current society. This is 2010 and these things should be brought to everone's attention. Thanks for the article and I sincerely wish them the best. So happy for them and such a handsome couple, too.
God Bless Them Both.

Would You Feed Your Baby Pop Rocks?

May 26th 2010 12:21PM and...if the eyes pop out of the head....what do you do>=???????????

Is This 'Single Ladies' Video Too Hot for Tots?

May 13th 2010 7:54PM GIRLS they wabt to have Fun!!

Oprah's Epiphany: 'I'm Never Dieting Again'

May 13th 2010 3:43PM Who the H--- cares? So, I am not dieting. She's not dieting....He's not doeting. Who really cares.
Everyone should keep their private lives to themselves. So there!

Regis and Kelly Parody Heidi and Spencer (VIDEO)

La Cage Au Foule??

Michael Douglas Calls Son's Jail Sentence 'Adequate'

May 3rd 2010 2:12PM He will prob get out in 2 years on good behaviour. Hope he has leared a lesson from all this.

Regis Philbin Dresses in Drag for 'La Cage Aux Folles' (VIDEO)

May 1st 2010 12:12PM If I saw Him (her) on the Stree, I would never guess that it was a guy. Good make-up andh the personality to go with it. GREAT job Regis.


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