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Countdown to Meet the Breeds - Win a Year's Supply of Iams Dog Food!

Oct 14th 2010 11:28PM We have 4 dogs; Cookie a Choc. lab with a knee injury, won't feed her anything but Iams weight control dog food. She will try to "bury" any other food under a rug. Next we have Jade a Jack Russell Terrier who "found" us on our sidewalk when she was 4 months old, dirty and very hot and scared. She likes the small breed bites and picks up each one takes it over a few feet, eats it, goes back at least 50 times or more.. Third we have Jezzy, our Min-Pin Diva boy. He eats Iams Puppy dry food cause he is so tiny. He carries a mouthful at a time up to our bed where he climbs his steps to eat on our bed on his "Blankie" he sleeps under every night. He slips his head under the cover and flips it till he's under it, turns in a circle and flops down. He usually leaves a few Puppy Iams pieces for midnight snacks.. Last but not least if Muffin our 14 oz. Teacup Choc. Chihuahua girl, She is 4 inches tall at her golf-ball sized head. Her tiny muzzle is the size of the end of my thumbnail. We have to water her tablespoon of puppy Iams down with just enough water to make it wet. She has sharp teeth, but no bigger then the end of a pin, so she just can't eat a whole piece dry yet. But she is sure loving the Iams puppy food. Just wished you made a micro-size for Teacup puppies. She is 3 months old and runs the whole crew of "Fur-kids" that own us.. We love our 4-legged babies.

The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 4th 2010 1:54AM Absorbine Jr. works really well, but has a strong odor for a bit. I really love what SSS- by Avon- does- softens my skin, is safe for grandchildren- not on their hands- and it does work....

Is This 'Single Ladies' Video Too Hot for Tots?

May 13th 2010 4:19PM Sorry but they are very inappropriate, they are as bad as the tiny models that mothers and dads live through vicariously.... Let's be real here, these are little girls being made into exhibitionists. Think of the sick people out there downloading this as soft porn.. We would be thinking charges of sexual exploitation should be filed on the parents...

Trade Secrets of a Department Store Salesperson

Apr 9th 2010 1:02PM It has to be something else besides age and ethnicity. My husband was over 60 and got a part time job at Sears with no problem, and he's white, speaks not one word of another language except maybe piglatin. He has an excellent work ethic after 25 years in the military, and he enjoyed his job at Sears, it helped us through a low income time, until a new job came along that paid very well with benefits. I think there is something else going on with the folks who are unhappy with Sears. We had a difficult time paying off our Sears card when I suddenly became disabled. We owed over $100.00 but after talking to a upper management member he cut all our interest, and also late fees and we owed only about $23.00- we paid that and still have our Sears card but have decided to not use it-if we can't pay for it then and there we just don't need it badly enough to Charge it...

Win a Dyson DC-31 Animal Handheld Vacuum!

Jan 6th 2010 6:15AM We have 4 dogs and a cat in our household. Three of the five are Furkids we rescue, one small Chihuahua was being used as bait for fighting dogs. One was a tiny stray that someone dumped in our neighborhood. The Humane Society would of come to pick her up after us holding her for 10 days, hoping for an owner to show. She is a Jack Russell terrier with brown patch on her back that resembles Snoopy character- my husbands favorite cartoon- she was a gem in the rough so we named her Jade. Now she is the sweetest, non-hyper J.R. we've ever seen. She is a surrogate Mom to our really tiny Min-Pin who was a gift from our youngest daughter when I was in the hospital for back surgery. He fit in my pocket and he is so precious. Next is our Chocolate lab who always comes in to check on me if I am in the bathroom too long. Her name is Cookie. Last but queen of the furkids is our beloved Cat Jordan. She sits up on my shoulders at night when I am on our computer and keeps my neck and shoulders warm- she's a built in massage with the warmth and purring. They are my 4 legged Buddies as I am disabled. They keep me laughing and happy with their antics playing with each other. It would be most lovely to be able to use something lightweight to gather up the fur that flies when they play. Thank You for making such a nifty item..

Billy Ray Cyrus Unconcerned By Pole-Dancin' Daughter

Aug 23rd 2009 4:45PM It's sad cause Miley was a cute teen kid who most girls wanted to emulate but now she's turned into just another "Gollywood trash dolly". Daddy ought to be able to stand on his own two financial feet fine, without using his little girls corrupt and nasty way of presenting herself... When do those kids like her get to have a normal childhood, teenage and adult life.

Adoption - Does red tape stand in the way?

Nov 17th 2008 11:09PM With having your own, biological or adopted, chosen children, there is no 'guarantee" of anyone being a perfect parent 24/7. We have 5 children- all adults now- and each one has a different temperament and has to be treated as an individual person. Two of them are adopted, one was a foster-child adoption, one a foreign while we were stationed very close to the country of her adoption. The foster adoption was of a son who everyone had given up on and returned to the agency. He was 7 when we met him the first time. He needed a 'forever' home, we gave it to him. There have been some rough and tough times but we made it beside him.

The second adoption was fraught with danger in a third world country, and a great deal of stress, but God was with us and we made it after 90 days. She was two days old, found in a ditch, dirty very ill, weak and abandoned, less then 5 pounds and only 16 inches long. She looked like a shriveled, sad and sick monkey baby. She's a beautiful young adult woman today. Smart, in college getting A's, on the Dean's honor list, about to be married to a wonderful young man- neither are of our ethnic background with the exception they are humans, loved and strictly have made us proud to be called Mom & Dad by them.

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