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Cheap Trick: Keep Garden Tools in a Coffee Can

May 19th 2010 6:11PM If you live on a farm, the plastic coffee cans with indentions for easy hold make great containers for watering or feeding the chickens, feeding the goats, cows, gathering the eggs, watering the flowers, or the garden plants. You can also store the grandchildren's small trucks and cars, the hubby's nuts and bolts, screws and nails, etc in them. The list is limited only by your imagination.

It's not such a small world, after all

Nov 15th 2007 10:08PM You people who are making fun of obese people, mark my word. Your day is coming. Maybe they have severe back and/or knee problems - maybe caused by injuries from their days as a high school athlete. Maybe they once had that nice slender shape you have when they were your age. Arthritis and old age can do bad things to the body. When a person is no longer able to exercise he burns few calories. Just you wait. Who's to say you won't be one of them. Shame on you for saying cruel things and painting all obese people with one brush.


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