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Ann Coulter's Jaw Gets Back to Work

Dec 11th 2008 4:24PM ann, glad you're back to show these demorats who they think they're fooling!

BAD project idea: cell phone popcorn

Jun 28th 2008 2:07PM im lossttttttt.

Slim Down Your Wallet By Scanning Its Contents Into Your iPhone

Jun 28th 2008 2:04PM diane sperry, something or other

that's sad, dude.

This iPod Doctor Makes House Calls

Jun 28th 2008 2:02PM duddeee... its not a real doctor, its an ipod doctori! i think im highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

How to eat fast food without packing on the pounds

Nov 16th 2007 10:27PM well that was a total waste of my time


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