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Video: Scenes From Greater Yellowstone

Apr 8th 2012 5:03PM Yeah man, that's not just a lil' ol' volcano in Yellowstone but 3 combined calderas that when they blow will send Earth back to an ice age. I hope 2012 isn't the end though. I got lots more people to tick off, a disease to beat & a bunch of things I'd like to do before 'the fat lady sings.' Anyhoo, when Yellowstone's calderas give way, it's going to be awesome (in the most serious meaning of the word.)

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Register for Wedding Gifts (Photos)

Jun 14th 2011 5:43PM Dood/Chica, we're on the same farkin' wave length! Better make sure it's the dual fisted, double delight model though. Wonder if they make one the size of an elephant's trunk?

Neil Patrick Harris Shares Quirky Baby Photos of Twins (Video)

Jun 10th 2011 9:28AM I've been an NPH fan since the Doogie days & am very happy for him. He's unlike the many smarmy, snooty, self adoring celebs we're inundated with & I wish him & his family the best. I loved the Frieda Kahlo unibrow on Harper & it will surely be something the family will be able to get a laugh from for a long time. Rock on NPH!

Feline Self-Confidence Fail

May 10th 2011 7:54AM Wow, I thought I was the sole crazy cat lady that will get huffed over any perceived kitty injustice, but some replies here are waaaaay snarly. I was thinking this was an old puss too, but I have seen my perfectly healthy (touch wood) 2 year old Siamese puss, Panzee Petunia, do a similar action when she was on a slippery throw rug trying to launch up to her window perch. If you look closer at this kitty, you will notice that she is not built like the usual kitty, with her Persian face & little legs & big, fat tail & a light would pop on in your noggin & you'd have an AHA moment. It's not lack of care, it's not kitty senility, it's not an ear infection, it's her breeding that makes her wobbly. Relax & applaud her hard efforts! >^._.^

Your Career is In the Cards (of Destiny)

Jan 29th 2011 2:46PM This is so totally off base & flat out wrong in descriptions of everyone I had looked up. It's worse than the generalized horoscopes in such rags as "World Weekly News." This is chock full o' fail!

Callebaut Recalls Chocolate Chips from Kroger's, Other Stores

Jan 14th 2011 3:33PM I understand that in this sue happy society we have that mislabeling things can lead to ugliness, but when it comes to chocolate chips & various other things of this nature, it's a safe bet that they contain milk & are processed in plants that also process nuts. Common sense, folks. But then again, you can't sue when you have it, huh?

'Jersey Shore' Star to Ditch the Nickname?

Jan 14th 2011 10:31AM But those boob implants cost her a lot of money (bah-dum-pum!)

The Best Handmade Holiday Gift I Ever Received

Dec 17th 2010 10:35PM What a wonderful story to share with the world just in time for Christmas. My Great-Aunt Betty was something of a dynamo when it came to making clothes. She had been gifted with this talent from an early age & as a young lady, she was actually a seamstress working for Yves St. Laurent & other designers in New York City. She was also gifted with crocheting & knitting, so it's no surprise that my sister & I were often gifted with matching ponchos, sweaters, scarves, hats & mittens at Christmas. My sister is 8 years older than I & always was sort of a "look down the nose" sort & didn't appreciate these awesome, intricate, & at the time; highly fashionable items, yet even as a kid, I always treasured them. As she got older, she took to making dolls & they were great fund raisers for the hospital she donated them to sell. My mother had been taught by her how to sew & I was lucky enough to have beautiful dresses & blouses made by the both of them to stretch my girly wardrobe. I always looked forward to fittings & knowing I was going to wear a 1 of a kind article. I have always loved getting & making "home-made" gifts, as I find them much more personal & know how much time goes into them, so I have been lucky to make presents for loved ones & friends even when I am scraping for the last pennies in my purse. My husband's grandmother was known for making wonderful blankets like the subject of this article & although she died long before I had met him, I get to snuggle up with him under a few of those blankets & I know firsthand that it's not just the fabric that keeps us warm, but the memories & respect for the talents of the woman who made it.

VIDEO: How to wrap your cat up like a Christmas present

Dec 4th 2010 2:54AM Would you rather they eat it? Oh no wait, you're of the lot that support the killing (good ol' Auntie Ingrid calls it "euthanizing") of healthy, happy, loving & loved pets because to have a pet is making that animal a slave, right? Ahahahaha, twit! Oh I can't wait for the Newkirk Memorial BBQ & then perhaps some of those who have lost their bloody minds will realize they were nothing more than slaves themselves to a bunch of bullying terrorists that abhor animals & people.

VIDEO: How to wrap your cat up like a Christmas present

Dec 4th 2010 2:49AM Oh my, not another one of those. They aren't eating the cat, you sad git. "Oh but pets are slaaaaaaaaaves, wah wah wah." Ugh! You certainly seem to take all the fun out of life & others must find you taxing to the soul. Lighten up Sheila!


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