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20 New Ways to Use Magic Erasers

Apr 24th 2011 10:06PM Remove_permanent_marker(mostly),great-on_stainless-steel,also.Great_stuff.

Top 10 Dog Poisons

Dec 26th 2010 7:31PM If you feed your pet only canned food, you must give them some sort of treat that will help remove tarter from their teeth, or they will loose them. A better diet of dry dog / cat food, with a small ammount of canned / semi-moist food, making sure that water is available.

Behind The Ethanol Controversy

Oct 20th 2010 9:31PM Corn farmers love the increase in money that they get for a bushel of corn.This is the only good part about using corn for fuel. Corn is subsidized by by the government, so it has been used in foods as a cheap sweatener in cola and other foods over the years.Companies have been using cane sugar, probably beet sugar as well as some rice sweeteners that are compareable in price lately. Corn oil has been used to replace the bad cardiac clogging oils. By using corn for fuel, we are going to push corn prices up and more companies will be using these alternative sweeteners and oils to manufacture foods. These may or may not be as good for us.

Not Just 'Big Boned': Chinese Toddler Weighs 140 Pounds

Oct 14th 2010 10:29PM Rice is high in starch and sugar. Our country has more protein in our diet, but not necessarily a healthier diet. Many ethnic groups have dietary problems.For example, in Mexico, tortia's are not made from flour, and corn is healthier, people have better nutrition there as compared to the US whee flour is preferred. I would hope that this boy can get help with this problem. If not he will live a very limited life.

The Silly Secret about Chicken McNuggets

Aug 12th 2010 10:25PM Fast food resturants have been messing with our foods from day one. Chemicals in the food. for quite awhile, not any fast food place could call their shakes "Milk Shakes". This summer, however, Gold Star Chilli is selling a real milk shake so does UDF (maybe some places are trying to make healthier foods.) Mc'D'S has started Smoothies this summer.Sugar in product is the largest problem. Everyone has to learn to investigate, and only accept or try to eat healthier, real food and read content whether at the grocery or resturant, count carbs, limit fats, get outside and off the couch. Diabetes is the result for many people, shorter life spans and sick people who can not be productive and happy. Each person owes it to themselves to try to be their "Best"

Get the Best of Pests for Less? -- Savings Experiment

Jul 15th 2010 11:07PM Kill / stop Bed Bugs-Fleas, other bugs-Diomacous Earth has many uses, put around bed legs, where bugs can crawl up from the floor. I use food grade, and it is perfectly safe around kids and pets. (Bad for bugs, won't hurt mammals) This will not kill eggs, so you can get an exterminator. 90 percent alcohol,spray around bed, put mattress in plastic,& seal also wash clothes, and use high heat, dryer at least 30 minutes, and spray, spray, spray. Seal things in black plastic, so air does not enter and leave for extended time, I would still spray the surface of the object, but to be sure, pitch it if the item is not essential.( Bed Bugs can live up to a year without food.)

6 Awesome Food Products Discontinued Before Their Time

Mar 25th 2010 7:03PM Many items did not catch on, value did not meet market price, many items were a hit in only certain areas.. many more reasons for a product to fail. Postum was a good example of Canadian preferance versus US preferance. Some items could be duplicated such as McRib, with hoagie buns and Banquet Entree pork patties w/sauce. Much cheaper, and available year-round.Throw-Back is still available in our area in Southwestern Ohio in the 20 oz bottle at some Dollar Generals and grocery stores. Cut up Circus peanuts, they come in various flavors like orange and Bannana (like hard marsmellows),soak in hot water, add jello, and you have jello 1-2.

Secret Source: JCPenney Towels

Aug 11th 2009 6:30PM Any cotton-based product that contains dye will hold its color much longer if in the first washing, you add detergent as you would normally, and as the washer is washing, add a cup of regular salt after the adgtitator is turning. Buy an extra item and just wash it and there will probably be a big difference. Also wash in cold or warm, no hot water.

Which presidential candidate would you most want to travel with?

May 3rd 2008 1:05AM The problem with our choices for president,in my opinion is that people who are aspiring for the job of president are people who have an adjenda that includes pleasing their constituants. people who make good decisions for our country are in the industrial and educational fields as well as financial fields,because thats where the money is, and I also believe that the US has let other foreign influences have too much control over the common citizen. We can't ignore what is going on outside our country, but maybe it is time for the three branches of government to work together to protect the little person, and in return, people need to realize that government is not always where they need to depend on for help. Maybe someday there could be someone who would be interesting to have a good conversation with. Someone outstanding. Until then I would choose Ronald Regan. His abilities to deligate responsibilities, were his best points. You could accept that he genuinely cared about people too.


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